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Kabaka’s Lake

It is located in Ndeeba, between Ring Road and Nabunya Road. This Lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880 as an ‘escape corridor’ to Lake Victoria.

This is the largest excavated lake in Africa and among Kampala’s must visit .It is one of Uganda’s longest-surviving man-made lakes.
The lake’s beauty is visible, with birds flying from one end to another, before settling on a green patch in its midst.

There is also visible human movement as sailors ferry people across.
Buganda Kingdom’s first deputy prime minister, administration, and minister for Buganda affairs, Hajji Muhamood Ssemambo Ssekimpi explains that water sports events take place on this lake
“One of the coronation exercises is the Buganda tourism expo, which involves a competition of canoes, boat rowing by children.

Why Mwanga built the lake
Kabaka’s Lake was one of Mwanga’s achievements. “It was dug in 1886 by Kabaka Mwanga II. His idea was to create a channel which was to take him to his palace here in Lubiri and the other in Munyonyo,” Hajji Ssemambo explains.
Moses Batemyeto, a tourism officer in Buganda Kingdom’s Tourism Ministry elaborates the story of the lake’s history.

“The palace (Twekobe, in Lubiri) has a relationship with the lake -Kabaka’s lake. When Kabaka Mwanga was building his first palace, it unfortunately caught fire and he left. So he went to stay with French missionaries in Nalukolongo. From there, he went to his palace in Munyonyo which had been built by Mutesa,”

As the biggest man-made lake in Uganda dug during the reign of Ssekabaka Mwanga II in 1885, the Kabaka’s lake attracts a number of tourists anxious to even see the beautiful birds at its shores. Egrets are some of the birds on Kabaka’s Lake. Right, tourists enjoying the lake’s calmness

Below is a sample itinerary for Buganda tourism heritage lovers.

This excursion takes you to some parts of the Royal Heritage trail.

You will be guided from your hotel from where you will start the drive to Bulange, then to Twekobe before driving on to the Kabaka’s Lake – Mengo.

You will drive on to Kasubi Tombs a huge grass-thatched hut that houses the remains of four former Buganda Kings: Mutesa I, Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa II and Sir Edward Mutesa II.

Lunch break shall be caught at Ekitoobero Restaurant where you will be treated to an African Buffet.

Visit Namasoles place in Kanyanya before transferring to the National Museum where you will be able to see a unique collection of ethnological exhibits as well as a great collection of traditional musical instruments, then head back to town.

This excursion starts and ends in Kampala. Also note that pick up from any other place can always be arranged on request.