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Where to Go

Planning a trip to Kampala will never get you bored, the capital city of Uganda has a lot to offer and choices are limited because you will find every feature Is worth a visit. However we bring you a guideline on the possible places that are quite educative, entertaining and never miss on your itinerary to do while in the city. There are several amazing places to visit in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Cultural Sites

  • Kasubi Tombs (World UNESCO world heritage site)
  • Bulange
  • Kabaka’s Palace

Historical Sites

  • The Uganda Parliament

Religious Sites

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral Lubaga
  • Namirembe Cathedral
  • Namungoona Orthodox Cathedral

Natural Sites

  • Kabaka’s Lake
  • Beaches

Rubaga cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church built in the 20th century is a one magnificent building on one of Kampala’s prominent hills lubaga. The land on which the cathedral is built was donated by kabaka mwanga to the missionaries then in 1889. When you visit the cathedral you get to learn more about its history as well as have a clear view of the tower building in front with statues of holy Mary mother.

Namirembe cathedral

Another place of worship with a very big structure with a conducive environment. Its history dates way back when a missionary explorer Henry Stanley met King Mutesa the Kabaka (king) of Buganda then in 1875.  After sharing the simple story of Christianity with King Mutesa, he became very enthusiastic about Christianity and asked Stanley to write a letter to Queen Victoria of England, appealing for missionaries who introduced Christianity. It was named after the hill which commonly known as ‘’akasozi k’emirembe’’ literally meaning a hill of peace.

Baha’i temple

Out skirts of Kampala, Kisasi suburb you will find Bahai temple, one of the seven temples in Africa. This place of worship is open to everyone, the ambiance in their compound is welcome and perfect for a family picnic. To experience what Baha’i faith is all about we recommend a Sunday service.

Art and gallery shops

Kampala has a lot of organized craft markets and shops you would love to visit and acquire you a souvenir, art crafts and other good staffs. Most shops are on Buganda road or you could also visit the Nomo art gallery.

Owino market

Wandering through the endless stalls of owino, you will find everything and anything you want. Owino market is one of the oldest and renowned market for the sale of second hand stuff, you will also find cultural and traditional medicine for sale, produce, electronics to mention but a few. It quite a chaotic experience in there but worth it, be aware of pick pocketing while there one has to be alert.

National museum

Are you a fan of history, the national museum is the place to be for it exhibits the rich cultural and history of Uganda. You will artifacts about the traditional ways of Uganda, science and industry, music gallery, traditional architecture and much more interesting information.

City malls

Treat yourself as a royal while in Kampala, the outstanding malls are luxurious and well equipped with almost everything from shopping, cinemas, café’s for a soothing coffee, BBQ and ice creams. Visit malls like Acacia mall, Bugolobi forest mall, Garden city and you find something stimulating.

Namugongo martyrs shrine

The basilica for the Roman Catholics, it’s a Holy place of worship, where the 22 catholic believers were martyred because of their faith. Every 3rd June of the year, Namugogo is full to capacity to celebrate the life of these heroes. There are stained glass windows with depictions of those martyred and the interior is super good and entertaining with wood curving. The church is a reminder to Ugandan Catholics of the men that lost their lives for their faith.

Night life

There comes dark after a long day of running lots of errands here and there, in Kampala its gets better in the night. Visit various happening places and rewind your day with a dose of laughter at the national theatre for comedy, dance and drama. You can also visit clubs for a cold drink and dance of fatigue.