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10 Best Places Where to Dine Out With Kids


Most families – whether big or small – would like to go out as a family but are restricted by having entertainment for their children. Very few restaurants and hotels in Kampala have facilities that cater for the needs of families with children. Below are a few that do in hopes that both parents and children can go out and have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Hotel International in Muyenga has a kid’s park that is open all week long. While it is open all day, every day it is more visited on weekends and holidays. Parents can lounge in the gardens, restaurant or at the bar while the children in the park are looked after by a child minder. The park has a bouncing castle, a variety of swings, cartoon characters to mingle with the children, ice cream and cotton candy. There is also a swimming pool with a life guard on duty to guard the children. For those children who are aqua phobic, they can enjoy a donkey ride around the grounds. Hotel International: For more details call: +256414 510 204/2, +256 774 682 082, +256 774 680 037. Email: hotelinternational2000ltd@gmail.com and website www.hotelinternational2000.co.ug.

Centenary Park also has a playground at Vitamin Café, right next to Effendy’s Turkish Restaurant. They have child minders watching the child which allows parents to relax any of the other eateries in Centenary Park. Vitamin Café has food and soft drinks for the children and parents should place their child’s order before leaving and the miner’s will ensure that the children are well taken care of in their absence. The activities offered for the include: swings, slides, baby swings, and a bouncing castle. This children’s park is open for birthday parties and reservations can be made. Plot 34-38, Jinja road, Kampala, tel: +256 772 498215, +256 702 332288, email: sarakizito@centenaryparkuganda.com, info@centenaryparkuganda.com.

Vitamin Café: This is an amazing restaurant where you can have good time with your kids.

Café Roma in Muyenga (pictured above) also has facilities for children between the hours of 11.30am and 8.00pm. They have trained child miners who watch children on the playground which has a trampoline, swings, a slide, sandpit, and tree house. Children can also colour cartoon pages, or doodle on a chalkboard. If they would like they can also make their own pizza for lunch or dinner! Café Roma: Plot 689 Muyenga road, Kampala. Tel: +256 (0) 792 501 847. Email is cafferomauganda@hotmail.com

Silver City Spur is a steak restaurant located in Golf Course Hotel. They have well trained minders to take care of children of all ages and they are open all week. The children activities offered include: cartoon movies, play stations, trampoline, and face painting. They organize birthday parties and give away free party bag gifts and balloons. Silver City Spurs: Reservations can be made online: reservations@golfcoursehotel.com or by calling +256 414 563500, +256 312 302280. For more details: www.golfcoursehotel.com.

Tips for Hanging Out With Kids

Going to a restaurant that doesn’t have child minders, or entertain children needn’t be an unpleasant experience if you are prepared ahead of time. First, make sure your children know how they are expected to behave at a public restaurant.

Second, make sure they know that they are responsible for not only the family having a nice time but also the people dining around you having a nice time.

Third, consider a reward for good behavior – such as a dessert or other treat.

Fourth, consider bringing along some quiet activities to keep children occupied while at the restaurant. A book, puzzle, colouring pages, and crayons can do the trick. Remember that restaurants are, at once, very exciting to children, and very boring. There’s a lot of waiting for things that doesn’t normally happen during meal times at home and there’s a lot going on around them.

Hanging out with the kids at restaurants shouldn’t be a dreaded event. Find a location that meets your needs and your children will enjoy and have a great weekend together as a family.

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