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Horse Riding in Uganda Gains Traction

Now it may be a little hard to sell that sitting on an 800kilogram animal, going at a fair speed can provide a healthy...

High Adventures at Lakeside Adventure Park

Kampala doesn’t lack for much but it has needed a quality, affordable, and fun park for the family. Now it has one. Lakeside Adventure...
Bwindi Mountain Gorillas

Experience Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Mountain gorillas are subspecies of primate animals called gorillas. Gorillas are the largest great apes left in the world which live in the tropical...

Climb Mount Elgon With Ease

Is Mount Stanley a bit high? A bit too far away? Do you still want a satisfying climb that doesn’t require expert skills or...
Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine

10 Geeky Things to Do in Kampala

Kampala is located in central Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria and is the capital and business center of this countries.  Kampala is...

Excursion to Mabira Forest

A few years ago there was some controversy about the use of Mabira Forest land for the establishment of a sugar plantation. This was...

A Nature-Phobe and The Kibale Chimps

There are some people who walk through the forest with the poise and grace of a gazelle. They don’t slip in the mud and...
Ngamba Island Chimpanzees

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is the perfect haven just outside Kampala. It is a 95-acre piece of heaven that was created as a home for very...
Kampala Sightseeing Bus

Top 10 Things to Do in Kampala

The idea of spending a day in Kampala is good.  After all you never want to visit a country like Uganda and depart without...
Road Tripping uganda

6 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip in Uganda

Is Uganda your dream safari destination in Africa? Have you ever wished to encounter breathtaking experiences that come once in lifetime? Uganda credited for...
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