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Things to Do Over a Weekend Kampala


Whether you’re a tourist, volunteer, on a business trip, attending a conference, or playing tour guide to visiting friends and family, at some point you’ll need a definitive itinerary of things to do in Kampala with only two days time.  We’re here to help.

If you are a tourist, don’t let your tour company bustle you through Kampala and out to national parks saying there’s nothing to see in Kampala – they couldn’t be more wrong. You need at least a day or two here to experience what the city has to offer!

Take a boda tour:
Get up early and get a lay of the land by taking a tour from the back of a boda. You’ll get both a feel for different parts of the city as well as seeing most of the major attractions. Don’t linger for more than 2-3 hours but make sure to stop for a rolex to keep your energy up! You have a lot to accomplish.

Dive into Owino: While Owino market is not for the faint of heart it is something everyone should experience when visiting Kampala. Leave your valuables at home and dive head first into the biggest market Kampala has to offer. Everything is on sale here and if you wanted to see real Kampala it doesn’t get any more real than this!

Grab a cup of coffee: After Owino you’ll want a bit of peace and quiet and take some time to recuperate. This calls for a cup of Ugandan coffee at one of the numerous coffee shops that are popping up all over Kampala. Check out our ‘restaurants’ section under food to pick a favourite. And learn everything you can about Ugandan coffee before you do.

Go out to Gaba Fish Market: In the late afternoon you’ll want to end up at the Gaba port where you can sit in a local restaurant at sundown, stare out at the lake and enjoy some of the freshest fish you’ll ever have. Nile Perch and Tilapia are hauled in daily from Lake Victoria grilled and fried to perfection here.

Take in some live music: Most Saturdays Tilapia Culture will have some live music on and it’s normally free. Here you can enjoy some of the best that Uganda has to offer. Or, if you’re more interested in trawling from bar to bar then go a little further up Gaba road because Kabalagala is for you!


Church Option: Kampala’s streets are quiet and empty on Sunday morning as with 84 percent of Ugandans being Christian a whole lot of people are in church. If you are inclined to attend church the two landmark churches are the Catholic Cathedral on Rubaga Hill and the Anglican on Mengo Hill.

Take a walk downtown: If church isn’t in your plans then Sunday morning is the perfect time to have a walk around a neighbourhood – or even downtown. Without the hustle and bustle of the weekday crowds you can see the post office, government buildings, and different monuments and sculptures.

Have lunch at a pork joint: You haven’t experienced Kampala until you’ve dined at one of its pork joints. No matter the neighbourhood in which you find yourself Kampala’s delectable pork isn’t far away. Need help finding one? Some of Kampala’s most famous/popular pork joints are listed on this website.

Do some craft shopping: You’ll be needing some souvenirs, keepsakes and gifts to take home and now is the time to shop. There are a number of craft markets in Kampala and you can read about them all here. If wandering and admiring local markets is more time than you have – or you simply hate to haggle – then head to the Banana Boat shops in Garden City, Lugogo, or Kisimenti malls.

Want to know what might be on the weekend of your visit? Check out our list of events.

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