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7 Steps To Getting The Best Deals On Car Rental In Uganda


Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda but you do not know the best steps to follow to get one for your vacation? Getting that classic and most comfortable car rental for your vacation in Uganda is ideally something that puzzles and needs adequate planning otherwise you are bound to make wrong choices and at the end of day you will be disappointed.

The simplest way for you to get the best car hire for your trips in Uganda is basically for you to know the places or the tools involved for you to search for that best car deal. To help you get of hassle, we have provided some of the steps below and we believe that they will be of great help to you as you look for that excellent car rental for Uganda safaris.

Looking for car deal online

Online search features as one of the most used means through which travelers can get the best deal on car hire in Uganda. Just like airlines, most car rental companies too have websites for you to visit and you will certainly get the best car of your choice. The websites have a list of car rentals with prices attached and you have to take time and Google out many companies and compare what they offer before you finally make the last decision. Different car rentals offer different prices depending on number of days that you intend to spend while on vacation.

Do not hire a car at the airport

Given that most car hire companies that operate within the airport have costs to pay, hiring a car with them means that they will attach the additional surcharges as they are eligible to do so. This means the cheapest way would be hiring a car with an outside Car Rental Company.

Visit the car hire agency site

Renting a car directly at the company’s premises at times gets you the best option at least cost compared to what is spelt out in most of the search engines including discounts. They can also make a quote for you and gets you the best costs. You can also apply for an affiliated rate and coupon code to a reservation.

Search the internet for coupons

There are 3 searches which will get the perfect car rental discount codes. First is a generic search, the second is the main collective of frequent fly blogs and the 3rd one looks at the biggest community forum of frequent flyers.

Skip the pre-paid car rental

Whereas prepaid car hires are at times cheaper than the usual car booking, they also need payment upfront and they are inflexible if the plans change. Most of the car hire bookings are refundable by default and this is one way to save some money for you to restart the research again for the perfect choice and rebook at a reduced price in case it changes.

Position the rental at a right credit card

Insurance isn’t something most clients need to pay for given that most travel credit cards provide car hire insurance in case you do not have car insurance which covers it. What is very important to bear in mind is while putting a car hire on a credit card should be most credit cards that need the clients to decline all possible kinds of insurance which comprises of what is provided at the counter for it to feature as a primary car hire insurance and have the booking should be reserved on that particular card. The cards which provide it typically consist of the famous travel cards like chase freedom, specific Amex cards and Chase Sapphire Preferred and many more.

Track the reservation on auto slash

In case you are knowledgeable about auto slash then you can change on your mode of reservation. On top of auto slash you will find another car hire search engine. Using this mode will also help you to save some money. And given that most car rental companies allow you to cancel with no charges it means you have another chance to search for the best deal once more and make a reservation. With auto slash, you are able to track the reserved car hire from Car Rental Company. To keep track of the car, you will need date, time, confirmation number and a total cost.

In conclusion, if you are planning to spend your vacation in Uganda and you are interested in hiring a car, follow the above steps and you will certainly have the best deal on car hire. Get in touch with our receptionist and we shall be there to help you get the best car deal that suits within your travel interests while on African safaris. There for, if you want to book a car for a self drive trip in Uganda, click here.

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