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Uganda’s “In Movement” on Teaching Art to Disadvantaged People


‘Art for social change’ is the tagline for In Movement, a local NGO. They work with youth using different art forms such as circus acts, dance, music, drama, creative writing and visual arts to empower and enable them express themselves in various forms. Their pilot project was founded in 2003 and to this date over a thousand students have participated.

Their goal is to promote creativity through the arts by supplementing the standard education students receive in primary and secondary schools. To achieve this, they are partnering with various schools around Kampala that handle disadvantaged kids and orphans. These schools include Daughters of Charity, Banunule in Kisugu, Reach Out in Munyonyo, Railways Primary School in Nsambya and PCCP in Kikubamutwe/ Kabalagala slums.

Bukenya Anthony Joseph (Ras BK) is the creative facilitator for visual arts at In Movement. He explains, “In Movement uses different forms of art to empower the youth by raising their self-esteem and becoming aware of themselves and their surroundings. Plus helping them chose their own career goals.”

Teaching kids at In Movement is a gradual transition divided into three year groups. Those in years one and two work on development. Then at the end of year three the students graduate and are given a certificate of attendance to show for it.

In Movement has a yearly curriculum based on themes such as environmental conservation, team building, social and cultural integration activities, and personal health. This year’s curriculum was based on personal health.

Facilitators have been using different art forms through classes to teach the youth on how to explore their imagination, creative risk taking, self-esteem, communication skills, empathy, acceptance and how be aware of their bodies as concerns health. They also hold seminars for the youth where they educate them about issues such as decision-making, positive relationships and HIV/AIDS.

In Movement holds four residential art camps each year for year two and year three students where they spend a week participating in different activities. They also hold weekend art camps, afternoon classes on specific days, and Saturday classes.

All these classes culminate in an end of year performance to finalise the curriculum. This year’s performance was held at the Ndere Centre and was titled, ‘See You at Seven’.

“In Movement is cutting edge as far as Non-Governmental Organisations go. Its blazing a trail that other NGO’s can follow and believes in soliciting for funds locally and internationally,” says Johnmary Mukiza, the country director for In Movement. In Movement is always soliciting for funds and donations, which can be delivered to their head offices. They will soon be setting up a mobile money account where locals can conveniently send their donations.

Those willing to volunteer are welcome. To learn more information about In Movement, visit their website http://www.inmovement.org/en/index.html. You can also like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/inmovement.org or even follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/inmovementorg.

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