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Uganda Wedding Planners: Reasons Why You Need One!


Every job starts with sitting down with a prospective client and listening to their dream for their wedding. Harriet says the actual job description of a wedding planner entails organizing everything from the bride and groom’s hairstyling, to their exit for their honeymoon. And, everything in between. She has planned weddings everywhere from Kampala to London.

Some brides delegate parts of the wedding to the planner and handle the rest. Others contract her right from the traditional ceremonies. Either way, there is a fair amount of stress to contend with.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t an entirely ‘yes’ profession, the occasional ‘no’ does creep in. The biggest problem is a bride who does not know what she wants, Harriet says. Some details especially colour need to be locked in as early as possible. This is because the colour scheme sets the tone for many other important areas like décor and dressing. If the bride is undecided, Harriet bows out of the job.  Another misconception is that it is an entirely female dominated field; there are male wedding planners as well.

In Uganda, the job of the wedding planner is ordinarily taken up by a sister, relative or close friend. But the wedding planning industry is a growing one. Kimberly has opted to hire Harriet because coordinating and organizing of such a big event is a hassle she does not want to take on. Winifrey, who got married last year, says she hired a wedding planner because she had a small window in which to plan the wedding. “She helped because I just had to make decisions, I didn’t have to run around town looking for things,” she says. Olga, however, feels skeptic about entrusting such a grand affair to someone else.

Harriet mentions that it is crucial that the bride trust the planner. While the planner should fulfill the bride’s desires, a great part of her job is also to advise. “I can tell from a lady’s body that a particular gown will not suit her before she wears it,” she says.  To Harriet, a few important things should stand out for the bride: the gown, feeding the guests and the ring. “The ring is the reason you are at the wedding so you should attach a lot of value to it,” she says.

She advises brides to choose their planners carefully.  It is not prudent to hire someone with the reputation of forcing things down brides’ throats. While the wedding planner is more informed about service providers and the finer details of the arrangements, it is ultimately the bride’s choice. It only becomes problematic when the bride’s choice ends up shedding negative light on the planner. This goes back to having a bride who knows what she wants and trusting the planner.

Aside from running and planning your entire function, Harriet who is herself married, also counsels the bride. Besides advising on matters of the bedroom, as is known of most ssengas, she covers other areas like religion and cleanliness. As far as her fees are concerned, this comes down to a particular wedding and what exactly is entailed. Edriet Bridal Collections even goes a step beyond the wedding to buying a gift for the couple. These are usually things may not have been thought about in the excitement of the big day – things like a fridge with food, to bathrobes and bathroom slippers.

To contact Harriet at Edriet Bridal Collections call: +256 (0)772488138.

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