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Malakai Ecolodge

A Weekend Hide Away in Kampala Suburbs

Kampala is an interesting city to tour around while visiting Uganda. There are lots of things that you can do while touring Uganda –...
Driving in Uganda

Best Jeeps to Take on Uganda Self Drive Adventures

There are several ways to explore your destination of interest, but self-driving appears to be the best. It is flexible, cost friendly and a...
Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala

Exploring the Religious Sites of Kampala

For faithbased travelers, Uganda also features as one of the best destinations for faith tourism. Within Kampala alone, there are many religious sites that...
Skyz Hotel Naguru

12 Unique Hotels in Kampala – check them out!

Looking for where to stay in Kampala? Here are my 8 unique hotels in Kampala that i think you will love to stay in...
Kampala Sightseeing Bus

Why Go on Holiday in Kampala, Uganda’s Capital

Tourists visit Uganda for various reasons since she offers a variety of facets that will be of interest for most types of travelers. However,...
Bwindi Mountain Gorillas

Experience Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Mountain gorillas are subspecies of primate animals called gorillas. Gorillas are the largest great apes left in the world which live in the tropical...

4 Wonderful Long-Drive Road Trips not to Miss in Uganda

Are you ready to experience Uganda differently? Have you booked your 4x4 rental car in Uganda that you are to use during your expedition?...

Road Tripping Uganda: What You Need To Know

As the road network in Uganda continues to improve, the possibilities for in-country road trips are multiplying. There is almost nowhere in Uganda that...

Weekend Getaway to Murchison Falls National Park

If the question is whether a weekend getaway to Murchison is worthwhile – the answer is a definitive ‘yes’. If the question is if...

Planning Your Trip to Uganda Online

In the past five years there’s been a radical change globally in how travellers decide and book their travel to Africa. Gone are the...
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