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Tourism to improve the car hire sector in Uganda.


Tourism is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Uganda with many tourists jetting into these east African countries simply to have a look at some of their attractions. One of the contributing factors to this development is mountain gorilla tracking which is best done In Uganda and Rwanda. Currently, these countries receive the highest number of visitors in Africa and gorilla tracking is the prime reason for this because they are the only places with DRC in the world where these world’s most endangered species are found. However, there is a way tourism has enabled car hiring a booming business in both Rwanda and Uganda and many companies have been established. According to experts, tourism has solely driven this sector to heights and it’s the only reason people now buy cars for business other than personal use.

But how does this happen? well, it starts with a tourist wanting to travel to either Uganda or Rwanda. Where he/she confirms that he is coming, then there are certain things that need to be booked for him before going for a safari-like the lodges he will sleep in, the permits in case its a gorilla trekking safari, and of course the car he will use while being transferred to the numerous destinations. This means that a tour operator has to book a car for the client meaning that he will have to approach a car hiring company and book a car according to the tourist’s request. In this case, the car agent gains from tourism, and once there are many safaris, there are also many bookings for the cars, and therefore the two moves hand-in-hand. Some tourists actually book cars for themselves without necessarily going through the tour operators. Either way, both sectors gain and develop at the same time. Actually, some tour companies have expanded their operations and incorporated a car hire department in their companies so that they can make double business instead of outsourcing cars whenever they get safari businesses.

Tourism also markets a country worldwide making it a good place for business. Its tourism has put both Uganda and Rwanda on the world business map as potential investors have come to these east African countries and established companies and organizations. These organizations do a lot of things and their workers travel a lot. Some of them don’t have enough cars to move their workers to their various projects and therefore end up hiring cars from the car rental companies. This is the long run develops the sector and it all starts with tourism attracting investors to Uganda and Rwanda.

Today as you read this, there are numerous car hire companies in Uganda and Rwanda, and trust me all of them make money as they get clients every day who want to hire their vehicles for different purposes. Here at our company, we receive very many inquiries from people from different countries who want to hire cars from us and some even want them for self drive safaris. We have different types of cars which are ready to be booked at any time of the year at the best prices. We also arrange safaris for tourists so our services are diverse and we are the best company one can go to for all adventure needs.

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