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Top Things to Do on Self Guided Kampala Tour


For some interesting reasons, doing a self drive with any of the car rental agencies in Uganda would turn out as more interesting than you would think. If you plan staying around Kampala city, and maybe coming in from Entebbe whether you are on a city tour, business trip or corporate trip, dealing with flexible car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda can actually deliver the car at the Entebbe airport, the hotel or place of your convenience. So when searching for car hire in Uganda, remember to consider the drop off car service and usually it shouldn’t cost you more than $20 for the gas to deliver the car to you.

If you are on a business trip and you coming in from Entebbe, you need to consider the rush hours in the morning and evening time. Kampala seems to be congested with cars as you approach the city centre. So advisable to start early before the traffic becomes a lot. If its your first time in Kampala, a GPS is a good idea to start with or if you want to be friendly, consider making use of the boda boda guys to show you the location you need to head to but this will cost you a little for the service which should cost less than $2.

If you are an adventure traveller on self drive, there are so many places to visit using your rental car. The Kasubi tombs is a traditional baganda site worth visiting. This is a hereditary burial site for all the monarchs of the biggest tribe in Uganda. This site is located westward of the city centre just after Nakulabye a city suburb about 15kms from the city centre. You will get full details regarding the kingdoms of Uganda and their history. At this place is burial site and contains numerous tombs of kings and clan members. A tour guide is required and one will always be there to take you through this tour. About $4 for the guide fee and if you appreciate, a tip will be appreciated.

Connecting to the Uganda museum from this point is around 12kms and your car rental will do you wonders. The Uganda museum just like any other museums worldwide is a historical place that gives you a clear view about this pearl of Africa. From kingdoms in details, historical regarding and current affairs of the country. At this place can be a self guided or you can pay for a guide to give you a more insight of what you read about. About $2 guide fee and if you appreciate the service, a tip is not a must but will be appreciated.

The Ba’hai temple, is another site to visit while in Kampala. This place lies on the north-west part of Kampala on one of the top hills overlooking the city. It is somewhat hiden, so a Gps or map will do you wonders. This place is a holy place and the only temple among the ba’hai faith to be built in Africa. It is right here in kampala. It is a quite place to visit, the temple lies about 320 steps counting from the entrance gate. A very silent place and all you could hear here are bird sounds. It’s a free place to visit and read about the ba’hai faith and at this hill is a most scenic place to see the city at big width.

Another historical place worth visiting is the shrine in Namugongo. After visiting the Kasubi tombs, many unanswered questions will run through your mind and before you visit this place you may not get the clear view and intentions of the monarchs. It is believed that the king of Buganda burnt alive the Christian missionaries at this very point which a church built like “firewood and frame” stands. In the church and the surroundings tell it all. A guide at this site will give you a full view and a guide fee of $4 is charged here. And yes you will absolutely love hearing this though at some point, it is emotional hearing all this. This place is about 20kms from the Ba’hai temple so your car rental will be a good deal. Given that Auto Rental Rav4 Cars consume well as far as gas is concerned, 1litre of gas would take you about 11 kms so this could be a good way to save on your car rental expenses.

The craft village centre just in the middle of the town just on Buganda road after the central police station. This area is an ideal place for buying souvenirs, crafts and African paints. The prices here are average but you actually need have a bargaining power to do all this.

The rest of the city centre is a well planned area where you can navigate on your own. Most of the important areas to see are well marked with sign posts. Hotels, restaurants and hangouts. And if you are in need of adventuring the night life of Kampala, a car with you will be of great help. Walking alone on the streets of Kampala and happening places is not a good idea. Just like any other city, there are criminals looking out for who to take advantage of. So getting into your car rental vehicle and drive to your residence or hotel will be a great idea and highly recommendable. And with this you will absolutely love the capital city of this pearl of Africa.

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