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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Kampala

Kampala City

Kampala is a city on the rise. Every month, you will be seeing new buildings that we can call skycrapers. Today we have come up with the 10 tallest buildings in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

1. Workers’ House

This building currently serves as the headquarters of the National Social Security Fund. Located in Central Kampala, this blue building is visible in most pictures of Kampala.

2. Crested Towers- Tall Tower

The Crested Towers is owned by National Housing & Construction Company Limited, the largest construction company in Uganda. The building has two towers – Tall Tower and Short Tower.

It houses various tenants, including Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited and the North Tower also houses the Offices of the Delegation of the European Union in Uganda

3. Mapeera House

N/A 19 2012 The building houses the headquarters and main branch of Centenary Bank , the second-largest indigenous commercial bank in Uganda

4. Uganda House

Built in the 1980, this building is owned and operated by the Milton Obote Foundation , a private, for-profit organisation. The building houses the national headquarters of the Uganda People\’s Congress (UPC), one of Uganda’s political parties.

5. Cham Towers

The Cham Towers was built in 1979. The building was formerly owned by Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) and was known as UCB House. In the mid-2000s, UCB was acquired by Standard Bank of South Africa , and transformed into Stanbic Bank Uganda . UCB House was sold to real-estate mogul, Karim Hirji and renamed Cham Towers.

6. Kampala Sheraton Hotel

Built in 1965, the Sheraton Hotel was opened as the Apollo Hotel. The building has changed names many times. In 1999, Middle Eastern investors won the rights to lease the hotel from the Government of Uganda and manage it for the next 25 years. The investors won a franchise from Sheraton Hotels and Resorts to use the Sheraton name on the establishment.

7. Diamond Trust Building

It was built in the 1970 and completed in the 1970s. The building serves as the headquarters of Diamond Trust Bank Uganda .

8. Imperial Royale Hotel

It was built in 2007 and it is a member of the Imperial Hotels Group. This hotel served as the media center during the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting , held in Kampala, Uganda

9. Crested Towers – Short Tower

It was built in 1970 and the Crested Towers is owned by National Housing.

10. Kampala Intercontinental Hotel

Also referred to as Kingdom Hotel Kampala, the development will include a 250-room, 34-story hotel tower, a conference center that can accommodate over 3,000 delegates, parking space for over 1,500 vehicles, and rentable retail and office space measuring in excess of 90,000 square metres (970,000 sq ft).

11. Pearl of Africa Hotel

Construction of this hotel started in 2007. The hotel is located on top of Nakasero
Hill , which measures 1,240 metres (4,070 ft) above sea level, at the base of the Kampala.

12. Church House

The 15 story building is owned by the Church of Uganda and it is located along Kampala Road. Construction began in 2011 and today, the building houses the headquarters of the Equity Bank (Uganda).

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