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Religious Trails

Uganda is surprisingly free spirit with all kind of beliefs, you will find the Orthodox   Church, Anglican churches, mosques and Hindu temples, of these include;

Gadhafi Mosque, the beautiful magnificent mosque sits on one of the Kampala hills in the city center, the mosque was built by the late president of Libya, its beautiful designs make it more extraordinary among the rest and up among its many stairs you will be able to view Kampala at a 360 angle. Ladies you will be asked to cover on a scarf on your head and long coverings as per the Muslim faith.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine is built in memory of the 22 believers who were burnt to ash by kabaka Mwanga in 1985 because of their faith.  Its serene environment is breathtaking with fresh air from the tree shades and the water wells and springs. It’s open every day you can as well visit for the historical background of these strong believers. Every 3rd June of the year Christians from all walks around the world flock Namugongo in commemoration of these saints.

Rubaga and Namirembe cathedral is for the Roman Catholics at Rubaga hill and Anglicans at Namirembe hill with a good aerial view. The early explorers and missionaries settled in Uganda to share and spread their beliefs. Both Roman Catholics and Protestants (Anglicans) were welcomed by the Kabaka and given land for settlement to establish ‘headquarters’ for their beliefs. Namirembe Cathedral is Anglican and Rubaga Cathedral is Catholic – these are the oldest cathedrals in Uganda and command great views over Kampala.