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Cultural Trails

Kampala is in Buganda Kingdom and one of the active kingdoms so far in Uganda .Bulange is the Buganda Kingdom’s parliament where sessions are held every month and are focused on issues of tradition, culture and development. The Kabaka (king) visits Bulange twice a year to open the sessions at the beginning of the year and close the sessions at the end of the year. The Lubiri is located a royal mile away and is the official residence of the Kabaka though currently he doesn’t stay there. The mile stretch is beautified with cultural totems representing the Buganda clans and the magnificent Nantawentwa round about where the majesty, the king of Buganda goes through straight.

Kabaka’s Lake is located in Ndeeba, between Ring Road and Nabunya Road. This Lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880 as an ‘escape corridor’ to Lake Victoria unfortunately he was un able to complete his dream wish and he died on exile in Seychelles.  This is so far the largest excavated lake in Uganda.