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There are so many things to do in Kampala. It is tough to know what to do first! In Kampala has everything you need to guide your very own journey of discovery. Welcome to Kampala, the capital of the Pearl of Africa.

Kampala is exceptionally one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. It ranks among the busiest commercial centers and the fast thriving urban areas in the continent. Before it comprised of only 7 (seven) hills around Lake Victoria but today about all the 22 hills that this city is proud of have been developed due to the growing demand. Kampala is best known as a city that does not sleep.  The name Kampala was derived from ‘impalas’ that existed around the 19th century on the old Kampala hill. For city dwellers or visitors who love city tours, Kampala is an incredible tourist city center on its own kind. A variety of remarkable attractions are all confined within this city and visitors are never left out of choice.

Below are some of the top best things to do in Kampala

  • Sightseeing in Kampala
  • Visit the Kabaka’s Palace
  • Go Shopping
  • Events
  • Tours and Experiences
  • Nightlife

Free Things to Do in Kampala

Experience Kampala Nightlife

Trip to Kampala would not be complete without a tour of Kampala’s Nightlife. Enjoy the fun filled nightlife with the famous Kampala Pubs & Bars or dance from dusk to dawn and enjoy exotic cuisines, cocktails and mocktails. The attractive Kampala Beaches draw the attention of many tourists from all around the globe. Taking a trip from Kampala to the nearby city of Entebbe, you can enjoy sunbathing on one of these beaches.

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