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Tamarai Gets Thai Right

Tamarai Restaurant

Very few food fans are as dedicated to the craft of their favorite cuisine as Thai devotees. From Seattle to Shanghai, trying out a new Thai restaurant can come with both great disappointment and elation. When done right, Thai food has some of the richest and most delicious flavors on Earth. But when done poorly, well, it just turns into salty sauce and rice noodles.

Which is why Tamarai is a much-needed addition to the Kampala food scene. Not only is Tamarai beautiful to look at, but the restaurant boasts chefs with 20 years of experience in Pan-Asian cuisine. Nestled into Lower Kololo Terrace (Plot 14 to be exact), Tamarai has an easy to find and welcoming entrance.

A large elephant over an open roof dominates as the centerpiece of the restaurant. This is especially beautiful to look at when it is raining. The large, multi-level dining room has a variety of options on where to sit. You also might find yourself walking over a glass floor with a lit stream below you. Or perhaps you’ll choose to dine near the stylish lounge that has accents and décor reminiscent of 1920’s Europe. However, no matter where you choose, you’ll no doubt be surrounded by a wide variety of art from Southeast Asia.

One might expect, at first glance, that Tamarai would be one of the more expensive restaurants in Kampala. After all, the amount of care that has obviously gone into it has to come out somewhere, right? Yet, this isn’t taken out on the customer. The staples of most Thai restaurants: Satay, Phad Thai, Tom Kha Kai, and a variety of soups and rice dishes, are all reasonably priced from 12-30,000UGX. To view the entirety of their menu online, simply visit Tamarai’s Facebook page, where the menus have been scanned into their pictures.

The service at Tamarai is also quick, consistent and friendly. From the moment you walk in to when you leave, you are treated like a true guest. Special orders for those with allergies are also taken into consideration by the staff. And, unlike many places in Kampala, when you ask for your bill, you are treated to it quickly and efficiently.

The restaurant is open throughout the day, so those on their lunch or those looking for a quick bite or some tea are welcome to stop in any time. Although for those who love their tradition, Tamarai also offers a proper high tea that has garnered rave reviews from clientele. For those just looking to distress, it’s worth knowing that Tamarai is also host to the only proper Tea Bar in all of Kampala. The Tea Bar boasts 15 different flavors and infusions of tea, coming from all over the world, in which to choose from.

Over the Christmas Season Tamarai is also hosting a lunch buffet for those that would like to stop in for a bite. This comes with salad, starters, a main course, and desert. And as usual, there are always vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.

For large groups, or parties of people looking to dine out, Tamarai also offers set menus that are affordable for groups of ten and up. This way, guests can enjoy and share a wide variety of dishes, with much less cost to the individual. And for those simply looking to grab some food they can enjoy at home in front of the television, Tamarai also offers take out.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am-3pm and 6:00-10:30pm. For those who really love their Thai food, or those who are just looking for a great new type of cuisine to sample, Tamarai is a must. The restaurant can be reached at +256755794958 +256755794960 and like most places in Kampala; it is a cash only venue. You can also contact Tamarai through their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamarai/130194887124989

– See more at: https://www.inkampala.com/tamarai-gets-thai-right#sthash.DAIJuIOm.dpuf

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