Nakasero Market: Buy Organic Fruits in Uganda

Nakasero Fruit Market

Are you looking to buying some fruits? Nakasero Market is the place to be. Located in what is known as “Down Town Kampala”, Nakasero Market is the best place where you can shop for organic fruits that are just from the garden.

The Nakasero Market is a market is located at the foot of Nakasero Hill just opposite the Tourist Hotel. It sells most of the fresh food. It is one of the biggest markets in down town Kampala!

The Nakasero Market was started in 1895. It was first established in the Lubiri (the Kabaka’s Palace). In 1905, Nakasero Market was moved to Kagugube which was initially a temporary structure.

The Nakasero Market is divided up into two areas; The open area which is partially covered and the closed area which is in an old building. In the open area, fresh produce is mainly sold and in the closed area one would find hardware, clothes and tourist items on sale.

What to Buy

There are lots of things to buy at the Nakasero Market. Most of these fruits are organic and are fresh from the garden. Given that Kampala is the business capital of Uganda, these fruits are transported from different parts of Uganda.

Nakasero Spices Market

Some of the fruits to be bought in the market include vegetables, fresh meat, poultry, eggs, coffee, spices etc.


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