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Hotels in Kampala: Serena is Perfect for Business Trips to Uganda

Serena Hotel Kampala

Uganda is one of our closest neighbours. We not only share a border but also much of our history is interlinked with that of Uganda. Geopolitically, Uganda could just be our sister across the border.

It is no wonder that many businessmen and women transact business in Uganda and vice versa. Personally, I have crossed the border several times for business and have travelled back to Kigali in the company of Ugandans chasing a business deal in Rwanda. This makes me a business traveller, of sorts – or at least I like to think of myself that way.

But where does one stay and conduct business while in Uganda? Where can you get all the resources and business support you need to successfully conduct your business as you luxuriate in the goodness that is the Pearl of Africa?

Throughout my travels, I have stayed in many hotels. Fallen in love with a few, critiqued others and there are some experiences that weren’t worth much to pen home about. Some experiences, though, are worth repeating. So if you have heard this story, I bet it is worth reading a second time.

If you have been to Kampala, you will already know that the city traffic is only paralleled by Nairobi’s, or maybe it is even worse! So if you are conducting business in the city, you want to stay at a venue close enough to the CBD. Else, you will have to fight through heavy traffic every morning, get to your meetings late, sweaty and angry. You also want to have a good night sleep so you can wake up fresh and ready for the business at hand. You need a room like this:

Now that you are early for business, have your clothes pressed courtesy of the efficient laundry department, you then need to breakfast like a king! Yes, they (not me) say we Africans eat wrong! We should, dinner like a pauper and breakfast like a king!” 

After breakfast, you can then meet your guests in one of the designated meeting rooms within the hotel. There are 8 board rooms that hold up to 10 people. The hotel staff will ensure that the room is prepared for your meeting and provide drinks, snacks and of course writing material and a projector, should you need one. If you have a larger meeting to conduct there are numerous conference halls namely Katonga, Achwa, Addis, Turaco , Victoria , Nile and Foyer each sitting over 30 – 400 people for you to use.

If you prefer to meet over a meal, there are well decorated outdoors with good Wi-Fi coverage for you to sit and work over a drink or two.

Lunch and dinner at Lakes Restaurant or the Italian-styled Explorer Restaurant are often a delight especially if it is one of the themed special Sea Food (Surf n Turf) or Local (Ugandan) cuisine buffets or Pasta Night at the Explorer Restaurant.

The hotel also boasts a state of the art gym and a world class Spa dubbed Maisha Spa for your ultimate luxury relaxation, just meters from the sparkling-blue swimming pool. Perfect given that Kampala can get quite hot at times.

Once your business in Kampala is done, then you can hire a cab to Entebbe International Airport. But let me add that on your way to Entebbe, you can detour and stop by the sister hotel, Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa. And yes, you guessed right, the hotel I’ve been describing is Kampala Serena Hotel, which has, year-after-year, been declared the Leading Hotel in Uganda at the World Travel Awards. That’s where you conduct serious business when in Uganda!

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