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Rent a Car for Self Drive in Uganda

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After being voted “the best travel destination to visit in 2012″, Uganda is currently receiving an enormous number of tourist arrivals. From gorilla safaris to chimpanzee trekking adventures, many tour packages are on sale being offered by many tour operators and travel agents. With the verdant rain forests that are home to the rare mountain gorillas, thousands of chimpanzees, monkeys as we;; as the interesting wildlife in the Savanna Parks, Uganda Safaris offers one-of-a-kind experience to all those who venture to this wondrous haven that was named the Pearl of Africa by the Sir Winston Churchill, one of the past adventure travelers who visited Uganda in 1902.

What kind of adventure would you like to try out in 2015? Could it be a high adventure that you seek or deep relaxation. The Pearl of Africa, one of the most beautiful country on the African Continent provides boundless excitement and ultimate pleasure for the vacation of a lifetime.

As more tourists visit Uganda, many travelers are looking for both guided and self drive tour packages so that they can adventure through the Pearl of Africa. From those looking to gorilla watching in the remote southern part of Uganda to those seeking for road trips through various parks, a lot of options are available for travelers!

While traveling in Uganda can be both challenging and fun, one need to organize his or her holiday in time. One of the best ways to enjoy your adventure is to hire a car in Uganda and travel at your convenience! Car Rental Services are available in Kampala and can even be booked online. From small vehicles to 4X4 Safari Vehicle Rentals many cars are available at many car rental companies such as Car Rental Uganda to any traveler interested in taking a self drive vacation that will allow you and your family or friends at the same time to discover the country in so many exciting ways.

How much time it really takes you to travel in the country, really depends on the road conditions, traffic and the weather. Traveling in the dry season is preferable as unpaved roads tend to get washed away during the rainy season. Given the nature of road conditions, tourists looking to self drive options in Uganda should consider great caution and respect for road signs on Ugandan roads. Those who know defensive driving will find less problems given the way the local drivers behave on the road.

Over the past 20 years, Uganda has tried to develop an excellent transportation system. As the sector grows, more and better service providers are joining the industry and today we can say that the country has good private transport agencies that can offer a good service!

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