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Renting a Car In Uganda


About Uganda.

Uganda attracts very unique and strong wildlife. These wildlife are found in Uganda’s national parks and they do provide very unique adventures which have been recognized beyond wildest imaginations. Recently, it has been noticed that the best way experience and whole explore the country is by renting a car for self drive.

What is good about renting a car in Uganda ?

You will enjoy a lot of things in the pearl of Africa since you have freedom of going any were you feel like in your rented car. It is too interesting that when you rent a car in the low season, you will then get the car at a discounted price compared to when you rent it when the demand is too high. Rented cars are very comfortable and will provide you with conducive space to view a number of attractions including wildlife in form of flora and fauna along your way.

What is good about the rented cars

Most of the rented cars in Uganda have been built with an air conditioner which is inbuilt with a fridge, pop-up roof, 2 spare tyres with a good space for luggage. Most of them do accommodate a good a number of people.

Why Uganda is a good country for your adventure

Well the pearl of Africa has been recognized as a good country to start your adventure when you are in Eastern Africa. However this is good when you are in rented four wheel drive car. Most of the companies in East Africa, Uganda in particular do provide car rental companies which are very popular and common. The country features a few tarmac roads that are not ideal from bad road driving and travelling to top on that these tourism attractions and destinations are located in remote areas, they can be accessed by gravel roads.

What is required to rent a car in Uganda?

You are advised to search online and get the best company which will suit your interests. Well, you will get very many reliable companies that will ensure the best travel. The rental company you choose will give you a complete introduction to vehicles and equipment with along basic driver training.

What should you do as a customer looking a car to rent?

As a customer you must look for models that feature your good suspensions and must be easy to drive where by vehicles with wide tires do offer greater stability which can be beneficial if you are planning to travel through Ugandans landscapes. When you are choosing these vehicles, usually, the vehicles which offer excellent fuel mileage in case you plan to travel are very good. These will be got from various car rental companies within the country which will offer you durable and practical vehicles.

When you are in a rented 4WD car, you will enjoy the self drive safaris within the country. You will have the freedom and peace to opt for a guide’s excursion of all experiences. You will visit Uganda’s national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Since you will own a car for a while, you can rent camping gears which will be put in your car as you drive to the tourism destination.

What should you do when renting a four wheel drive car in Uganda?

When renting these four wheel drive cars (4WDs), you may opt to rent a car with a special driver who he knowledgeable about the best attractions within the country or opt to drive it yourself. They vehicle will be availed to you without fuel thus, it will be your responsibility to provide fuel to   the car you are renting. Remember, when you take this car, you must bring it back without any damages or else you will be required to pay fine for the damages caused. Therefore, to avoid inconveniences, you should avoid all these scenarios.

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