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Reasons That Make Kampala East Africa’s Most Livable City

Kampala City

According to the Quality of Life survey 2016 carried out by Mercer; out of 230 cities around the world, Kampala ranked 169th over the rest of our East African counterparts as the best city to live while Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam came in at 184 and 198 respectively.

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa located in the East of Africa and shares the biggest portion of the Lake Victoria with her neighboring countries. This comes as quite great news for Ugandan tourism as such surveys help people get to know what cities are safe for visiting and worth uprooting your life for. Here are a number of reasons why we think you should come to Kampala;

Friendly People

Ugandans are generally friendly people as it is in most of our cultures to always welcome visitors with open arms and this goes back to decades of friendly relations between neighbors in our society carried down from our ancestors. If you were to walk down the street of one of the roads in Kampala and decided you needed someone to help you with directions, we believe you will get enough people offering to show where you are headed to with smiles.

Colourful City

Kampala is not just the Capital city of Uganda, but also the biggest location in the country where you will find several different people, with different cultures living in one blended environment with each other. Even though the city is originally part of the Buganda Kingdom, there is a mixture of tribes scattered throughout the city thriving and building legacies for tomorrow. You would fit right in.

The Food


You cannot miss such an important part of the Ugandan life, Food. The food in Kampala as are the people is a blend of different delicacies from all over the country, neighboring countries and several foreign dishes yet nothing tastes better than the recipes passed down centuries from one kitchen to another bringing together different people. When in Kampala, make sure you never miss the lunch time rush all over the town; certain restaurants end up causing traffic jam on the neighboring streets because their food is that good.


Kampala is a very safe city, you do not have to move around scared of attacks but like any other growing city around the world with a number of people from different walks of life you will be sure to have to hold your belongings close to you in certain parts of town.



There is no place with an even more fun nightlife like Kampala, the city has several night hangouts which have several events almost throughout the week. With every place you go to, you will find different theme nights and even more fun moments so be prepared to work all day and party all night when you come to Kampala, we never sleep.


Sights and Sounds

It might be a city, but Kampala has several wonders you would love to behold when you come by. Nothing more interesting than visiting the Uganda museum to learn about the history of Uganda, or maybe the public library to read several Ugandan written literature and among many others visit the several well known landmarks all over the city to see and enjoy Kampala.

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