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Rafting the Nile River: It’s Time To Take On The Nile


While Murchison might be considered the ‘most exciting thing that happens to the Nile along its journey – what happens through Jinja is pretty exciting in its own right. True, the new hydro-electrical dam at Bujagali has reduced a few of the rapids (not that any of us who are benefitting from increased electricity are complaining!) but there’s plenty more to replace them.

A day trip to Jinja to raft or kayak the Nile seems to top most tourists itineraries but a surprising number of people who live in Uganda seem to have missed it. IN KAMPALA check’s out some different options for the day visitor.

  • White Water Kayaking: If you’re an expert kayaker you’re not reading this article. For those adventure seekers who aren’t there is tandem kayaking where you have an expert kayaker helping to guide you (and flip you back upright).  Prepare for an adrenaline-filled day – some of which is spent underwater.
  • White Water Rafting: This is the most popular – and often tourist filled – activity. Going over a range of rapids ranging 1-5 is a breath taking experience that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Kayak School: Want to learn how to kayak before diving right in? There’s all sorts of courses – from week-long specialty courses to day courses.
  • Open-top Kayaking: Not interested in hurtling over grade four and five rapids? You can choose a number of different paddling opportunities in open-top kayaks (the kind you simply sit in and paddle). You’re unlikely to end up in the river (although you still get a bit wet) and a guide will help you find your placid way down the river pointing out flora and fauna as you go.
  • Low-key rafting: If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key then most of the companies offer less frenetic ways down the Nile. This is great for families, those with younger children, those frightened by the prospect of the rapids or those who just want to have a look at what they might eventually be getting into.

Undoubtedly you have a number of questions and all of the companies have FAQ pages which will likely address those. These companies also offer a number of different combinations and options and all have excellent websites:

  • Adrift: http://www.adrift.ug/
  • Kayak the Nile: http://www.kayakthenile.com/
  • Nalubale Rafting: http://www.nalubalerafting.com/
  • Nile River Explorers: http://www.raftafrica.com/
  • Raft Uganda: http://www.raftuganda.com


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