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10 Most Popular Ugandan Beers and Spirits

Ugandan Beer

The festive season has been on, and the bars have been wide open. But have you ever thought about those alcoholic drinks that almost every Ugandan campuser loves with a passion. We asked a number of campus students and surveyed various hangouts frequented by University students. Here’s what we found out.

  1. Uganda Waragi Coconut

Nothing is trending among Ugandan University chaps like this great spirit. Uganda Waragi Coconut has become the craze. To many campusers, Coconut aka Coco was the death of Bondo. And the Go Loco for Coco made it even madder, now, if one is now taking a UG coconut, then they are getting late to the party. You are either for Coco or you don’t exist. And Coco launched the cocktail thingie in Uganda.

2. Club Beer

This is one beer brand that will always be on every table in a bar. Some think it’s because of its blue colours, but the way campusers, dudes and dudettes be ordering for Club beer is out of this world. Nonetheless, they say it’s very smooth on the tongue. Not forgetting the killer slogans of Club Beer.

3. Tusker Lite

This one is for those campusers that actually feel like graduating to the corporate class, or grabbing a drink among the executive classes. It’s light as its name, low alcoholic content. It’s the ultimate drink for those who are not hard drinkers.

4. SmirnOff

If you ever take a campuser, especially a UCU chick out and she doesn’t ask for a Smirnoff, be sure something is wrong. Everyone will kill for this vodka, from MUBS to UCU. No doubt, this is the drink for those who fear the bitter taste of beer.

5. Heineken

Although pretty expensive for the average broke campuser, those who are lost for choice yet want to stand out will always be found ordering for a Heineken. Go to Legends Bar or even the famous Max Lounge, and campusers will be downing their Heineken.

6. Nile Special

Mostly the drink of choice for the Kikoni boys. They made marriage vows with Nile Special. No matter what, a Kikoni dude will always ask for a Nile Special. In every Baala they visit, they order for a Nile.

7. Guinness

The only stout without an actual competitor. To others, it’s the only beer you are certain won’t give you that buzzing headache early in the morning. It’s the drink of choice for the dudes who work while studying. Guinness is that drink they spend their coins on.

8. Eagle Lager

Ugandan campusers actually love to fly. And fly they do. What better way to soar than with an Eagle, cheap but also worth it. In Mbarara, In Kabale, even in Banda areas, campusers are betting on Eagle for their perfect evenings.

9. Leading Waragi

Although many won’t admit this, but on every one of their house parties, in their bufundas, campusers are spending on this hard liquor. It’s all about getting high, so they want to get that leading spirit.

10.Nile Gold

This one takes the final spot of preferred drinks. Again, it’s the ladies who keep running for this, the slay queens who don’t want to be seen with the other big beer bottles.

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