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Top 5 Best Places To Visit Around Kampala


Kampala city is home to over 1,920,000 million people and a main business and administrative capital of Uganda.

This city has greatly attracted many travelers from around the world to explore its vast sceneries and rich culture. From 19th C Kampala city was known as the Buganda Kingdom capital, from which several ancient buildings have thrived over years; including the Kasubi tombs, Lubiri palace, the Buganda parliament and the Buganda court of Justice. This city has since expanded further with construction of new buildings and sky scrapers including; domestic and international hotels, banks, shopping malls, monuments and educational institutions. Kampala was originally built on the seven hills, including Makerere, Rubaga , Old Kampala, Nsambya, Kasubi, Mengo and Kibuli hills; but the city has since expanded to include other iconic hills including Mulago hill, Nakasero and Tank hills.

The other features in the city include; Uganda National Theatre, the Uganda museum, Nakasero Market and the Buganda road African craft village where one can buy African print fabrics and the interesting Artefacts. Kampala also hosts one of the only seven Bahai houses of worship in the world which is situated on Kikaya Hill in the outskirts of the city.

  1. Gadaffi National Mosque
    Gadaffi National MosqueThis is an impressive mosque that was built by the former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. This is the largest mosque in Uganda and the second biggest in Africa. The mosque is located at the towering Old Kampala Hill in the central Business District with great views of 360 degrees of the entire city; Completed in 2006, it seats up to 15,000 worshipers and can hold another 1,100 in the gallery, while its terrace caters for another 3,500 people.
  2. Namirembe Cathedral
    Namirembe CathedralThis is the oldest diocese in the province of the church of Uganda and it is in the central location, perched on Namirembe hill. It started in 1897 as the diocese of Uganda until 1960 when it was renamed “Namirembe Diocese”. It covers the districts of Wakiso, Kalangala and parts of Mukono district. The cathedral comprises of one cathedral deanery, six Archdeaconries, sixty parishes and 342 local churches.
    Namirembe Cathedral This is part of the bigger church of Uganda which has a congregation of over 8 million members all over the country. With its rich and firm spiritual history, it has offered and continues to offer a dynamic and vital faith to peoples around the world.
  3. The Namugongo Martyr’s shrine
    Namugongo Martyr’s shrineThis is a memorial place to remember the heroic 22 young Christian martyrs who were burnt after failing to denounce their faith on orders of Kabaka Mwanga. 3rd June every year the Catholic Church and their Anglican counterparts from all walks of life fill this place in honor of these religious heroes.
  4. The Uganda national museum:
    Uganda national museumIn need of a perfect flashback at Uganda’s cultural and historical background, in addition to the present state of Uganda’s social, cultural, economic and political aspects; the Uganda museum should be on your bucket list during your next safari to Uganda, for there is no place where one can find ancient traditional African cultural tools and equipment used before the colonization era other than here. The Uganda Museum has existed for over a century, located at Kitante hill (3 kilometers from the city center) in the heart of Kampala. The Uganda museum is the oldest and premier museum in East Africa, which is mandated to Protect, Promote and Present the cultural and natural heritage of Uganda through Collection, Conservation, study and information dissemination for leisure / recreation, research and education.
  5. Lake Victoria,
    the second largest freshwater in the world provides an opportunity to enjoy a short boat tour. There are also various accommodation facilities that are affordable and suitable for all kinds of travelers visiting Uganda, including lake resorts, five star hotels, midrange and budget hotels, guest houses, inns and motels.
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