MV Vanessa Launches Cruises on Lake Victoria

MV Vanessa

MV Vanessa has launched boat cruises on Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake. The new marine vessel will ply Entebbe – Jinja route at USD85 (including return fee).

The start of operation of MV Vanessa is expected to foster tourism in Uganda. The vessel has also introduced the Entebbe – Kalangala Route at UGX65,000 that is about USD18 (including return). One way ticket goes at about UGX35,000 (about USD9).

MV Vanessa is a luxury boat licensed to carry 54 passengers. The boat is destined to transport tourists to the different areas around Lake Victoria Islands as this is aimed to benefit both local and international tourists. Lake Victoria covers three countries in East Africa and these include; Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is the second and freshest water lake worldwide after Lake Superior in North America. In East Africa, Lake Victoria covers approximately 68,000 square kilometers and has more than 84 islands all over East Africa.

This boat is safe, convenient and equipped with modern and latest technology amenities such as an Air conditioner, radar, sonar, bells, and whistles. Besides the named amenities, the boat also describes the true definition of safer boat cruise with up to 54 seats and 54 lifesaving jackets that gives passengers the comfort ability to enjoy tourism on the water. The boat, according to online sources, costs between $200,000 (Shs741m) and $350,0000 (Shs1.2b). This boat will start with scheduled routines on water frontiers in Jinja and Entebbe.

The coming of MV Vanessa is expected to promote tourism to the Ssese Islands; a major gateway for those contemplating honey moon and weekend escapes out of the city. The island also attracts a good number of tourists who seek budget holidays in Uganda. For long the island has been served by a ferry service of MV Kalangala that has been managed by the government of Uganda.

It has been established that MV Vanessa has a capacity to move at a speed of 40 knots. This is twice the speed of MV Kalangala. “Instead of taking 4 to 5 hours to complete 90 to 110 kilometres, you can now get to your destination by boat in only 2.5 hours.

MV Vanessa is quite touristic given that it will provide you with comfort, safety and stunning views of Lake Victoria and the Ugandan coastline. You nolonger need to travel to Bukakata in Masaka so that you can spend less hours while accessing the islands. Just drive to the waterfront beach and reach the islands within 2.5 hours.


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