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Urban Yogi

Kampala Embraces Yoga

It seems a bit strange that contorting your body into impossible shapes can bring physical relief. Practitioners of yoga, however, swear there are countless...
Namboole Tennis Court

Tennis Courts in Kampala

Ralph Paffenbargert, a Harvard University physician, followed over 10,000 people for 20 years before concluding that playing tennis three hours a week at moderately...

Top 5 Tips For Getting Fit Now!

It’s that time of year again. No, not New Years, rather that dreaded second week after the New Year holiday. You’ve eaten and drank...
Introduction in Uganda

An Insight Into Ugandan Traditional Weddings

Every tribe has a unique culture and this applies especially to the traditional Ugandan weddings of each. Here’s an insider’s look at the unique...

Running in Kampala

Bright colours, headbands and the tightly laced sneakers of a runner have become an everyday sight in Kampala’s landscape. John, a self-professed running addict,...
Wedding in Uganda

Uganda Wedding Dresses Ideas: Adding Some Colour

“Married in white…you have chosen right!” That is one of the sayings surrounding the myth of wedding dresses in Kampala. The other is that...
Wedding Cake in Uganda

Wedding Cakes in Uganda: All You Need to Know

Cakes are big business in Kampala and the definitive article at ceremonies. Not just for those who make them, but also for those who...

How to Shop Owino (St. Balikuddembe) Market

“Fasi Fasi!” which is Lugandan for ‘give way’, is called out by a middle-aged woman who zooms past with trays of food.  Walking through...

Explore Uganda’s Best Local Craft Markets

Are you contemplating buying a Kitengi dress, scarf, Kikuyu bag, African sandals or perhaps bangles, ear rings and African necklaces? Maybe your preferences are...

Uganda Wedding Planners: Reasons Why You Need One!

Every job starts with sitting down with a prospective client and listening to their dream for their wedding. Harriet says the actual job description...
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