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Kampala’s Bucket List


Kampala’s Bucket List

It happens to everyone. You’ve lived in a city for a number of years and you think you know it all. You’ve done it all. You’ve seen it all. But, in reality, there is simply a well-worn route you trod (or sit in traffic, as the case may be) between your house, the office, the pub and home. Sure, sometimes you might hit the local pork or pool joint. Maybe the family goes out for a meal but face it –you’re in a rut.

Whether you’ve lived in Kampala your entire life, or this is your first day, Kampala is filled with great things to do right now!  Bucket Lists, or lists of things to do before you die, are all the rage so we’ve compiled a Kampala’s bucket list, or the list of things to do before you leave Kampala – whether that be in a few days or at the end of your days.

Take a look at the checklist below and make sure you can tick each one. Don’t know where something is? Click on the item and it will take you through to a Google map

1.    Get up early and take a walk around the beautiful and serene Baha’i Temple grounds.
2.    Send a ‘good morning’ tweet to avid Twitterer, Prime Minister, @AmamaMbabazi.
3.    Have a rolex at any one of the street side stands downtown.
4.    Enjoy a cup of Uganda’s finest coffee at 1000 Cups Coffee House.
5.    Shhhh. Visit the National Library.
6.    Stop off at Tulifanya Art Gallery and absorb some culture.
7.    Take a stroll down the whole of Kampala Road from the split (with Jinja Road) at  Nakawa to where it becomes Bomba Road.
8.    Step into the immense architecture of the Sikh Temple.
9.    Go bowling at Alleygators in Garden City.
10.    Discover the Lubiri Palace – the site of so much of Uganda’s political turmoil.
11.    Spend a few hours catching up with a friend at your favourite pork joint.
12.    Have your picture taken (with both arms raised) at the Independence Monument.
13.    Take a tour of the Kasubi Tombs and learn much more about the Bagandan Kingdom
14.    Catch a rugby match at the Kyandondo Rugby Grounds.
15.    Head up to the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine to see the only basilica dedicated to African saints.
16.    Watch the Ndere Dance Troupe on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
17.    Plunge into the chaos of Owino Market, one of the largest in East Africa.
18.    Walk the Royal Mile from the New Scottish Parliament to the Lubiri Palace.
19.    Climb the minaret of Gaddafi Mosque and enjoy a 360° view of Kampala.
20.    Play some pool at the Kansanga Pool Joint.
21.    Catch some live jazz at Jazzville.
22.    Have freshly grilled tilapia at one of the open air stall in Gaba market.
23.    Pop into the Uganda Museum and tinker with some local instruments.
24.    Have sundowners at the Hotel Diplomat and take in the amazing cityscape.
25.    Stay out until dawn bar-hopping in Kabalaga.

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