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City Tour Time: Between 2-5 hours depending on your preference of places to visit and time available.
Payment: Made in cash to Walter at the end of the tour either in US dollars or in Uganda shillings.

Safety: Helmets are provided for all passengers.
When: Every day – bookings should be made a day in advance. A boda driver guide will meet you at your house/hotel. We offer free pickups and also drop you any where you want as long as it’s not more than 12 km from the city!


  •  Groups (3 persons – each on own boda): 240,000 UGX or $100.
  •  Groups (4 persons): 300,000 UGX or $125. For groups with more people request a quote.
  •  Executive (1 person on boda plus driver): 90,000 UGX or $35.
  •  Shared (2 persons on boda plus driver) 160,000 or $65.

*For those who wish to have their ‘boda boda’ tour in a car – this can be arranged either in your car or with your own car – price can be discussed but is generally 250,000 UGX or $110 and add an additional 75,000 (or $32) for each additional person.
*There are entrance fees for some of the stops listed below. Bring extra money based on where you would like to enter.
*For those that want self-drive motor bikes the tour cost is 150,000 UGX or $65 per bike. Petrol is included.

City Tour

  • Downtown: Constitutional Square, Freedom Square,
  •  Food: Stop for a meal in Old Kampala, a cheap roadside rolex, or Ethiopian in Kabalagala.
  •  Gaddafi Mosque (best view of Kampala!): Entry: 10,000 UGX or $4
  •  Market: Craft Market or Owino Market
  •  Kololo & Nakasero Neighbourhoods
  •  Hindu Temple (only building in Kampala where no nails were used in the construction!)
  •  Bahai Temple
  •  Mengo Hill: King’s Lake, The Royal Mile, The New Scottish Parliament, King’s
  •  Palace (Idi Amin’s Torture Chamber & History of the Buganda Kingdom, Buganda Museum, famous bark cloth market – Walter will tutor you on
  •  bargaining!) Entry: 10,000 UGX OR $4
  •  UNESCO World Heritage Site (Kasubi Royal Tombs where last 4 kings of Buganda are buried): 10,000 UGX OR $4

*Note: the Kasubi Royal Tombs burned in 2010 and are only visited if time allows.
*Note: Ugandan shillings are necessary in order to pay entry fees.

Other Tours: The different tours below are also available. Cost is dependent on number of people on the tour as well as where you are visiting. Ask for a quote:

Lake Victoria Boat Trip Tour
This tour is far more relaxing than the City Tour and is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy Lake Victoria. Take a canoe over to Aga Khan Island where you’ll trek to the peak and get the best view of Lake Victoria on the island, see traditional religious sites, refresh yourself with a coconut drink by climbing coconut trees, and do some canoeing. If you want to slaughter your own local chicken you can by contributing 5,000UGX $2.

Jinja Day Tour
The first stop is Sezibwa Falls – about 48km from Kampala. You then visit Mabira Forest for a quick forest walk and eat at the local market. Drive to Jinja to see the Source of the Nile and Bujugali Lake before a quick boat ride to see the four dams on the Nile and do some fishing before returning to Kampala.

Kampala Night Life Tour
Experience Kampala’s nightlife with a knowledgeable guide. Depending on your preferences for bands, bars and neighbourhoods, the tour will guide you safely around as you see Kampala’s party side!

Equator Visit
Never been to the equator? Take a boda and make a once-in-a-lifetime visit. It’s 80kms away so a great way to get out of Kampala and see some of the beautiful Ugandan countryside.

Entebbe Zoo
If you don’t have time for long, expensive safaris why not visit the Ugandan Wildlife Centre (aka Entebbe Zoo)? We’ll take you the 40kms from  the city centre and guide you through the place. Perfect for those who need a drop-off at the airport as well.

Airport Pickup/Drop-off
Just need to get to the airport? We can do that as well. 40,000 UGX OR $18 per person, 80,000 UGX  or $30 by car during day time and 100,000 UGX or $40 at night. (It’s not safe – for you or a boda driver – to take a boda to/from airport at night.)

Bookings should be made at least 2 days in advance.
Discounts can be given for bigger groups. Or package discounts for people that have done the city tour can be arranged as well.

Last but not least, if you know of anyone who you think would enjoy the tour or have friends coming to Kampala make sure to let them know about us.