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Kampala’s Spicy Lingerie Shops

Lauma Lingerie Shop

Unless you have been recently teleported in from the dark ages you are probably aware that women like to keep their lingerie collections updated – both because they like to buy and wear attractive garments but also adding a spark to their relationships. And, it’s not just a ‘women’s thing’. More men are starting to catch on surprising their girlfriends, fiancés, and wives with lingerie as presents and surprise gifts.

Obviously, when buying intimate apparel there are a few factors to be taken into consideration… things like knowing what color best suits a woman’s skin, her size, the type and quality of the lingerie she prefers are all important elements to be considered.

“Bottom line: men think lingerie is sexy, classy and feminine,” says Rachael Awori, a sales assistant at Kingspark Intimates explaining why lingerie is a good turn on for most men. “Most times the guys buy what they would love to see their women putting on and not necessarily what the women want or suits them and, as much as I find that a selfish act, it’s the act that counts”

Where to Buy Lingerie in Kampala

A lot of shops and boutiques around Kampala have notice the trend and demand for lingerie and have begun selling it. Where to the desired quality is another entire issue entirely.

Lauma Lingerie

Lauma Lingerie

Kingspark Intimates is a lingerie shop  on the third floor of Garden City Mall and it also has a branch at Metroplex mall in Nalya. They specialize in two lingerie labels: Triumph and Sloggi. They deal in all kinds of lingerie ranging from ordinary panties and bras, to minimizers [which make a woman’s cleavage appear smaller and are not padded], Zero- to-Sexy [which gives cleavage a slight pushup], multi-way bras [which can be worn strapped, strapless, criss-cross and halter neck], glamorous bras [which are unpadded and netted], and push-up bras. They also carry bras for teenagers, and ‘tube tops’ [which have no padding, underwiring or straps].  Garters are often bought as women find them funky and more seductive.

Their range of other lingerie is broad and can be intimidating for the uninitiated with body stockings, bikinis, tangas, knicker shorts, french cuts, briefs, hipsters, high waist lingerie, edible panties, c-strings, beaded strings, t-stings, and body shapers (for those who want a flat midriff), bum enhancers, hip enhancers, breast enhancers, nipple covers as well as a wide range of lingerie for pregnant and expectant mothers. Prices range from 37,500 UGX to 120,000 UGX.

Another shop that sells lingerie is Stylz, found in Cham Towers on Kampala Road. They specialize in designer lingerie and deal mostly in the Marks & Spencers brand. Charity Lara, the shop attendant recommends women buy cotton lingerie as it absorbs heat and that they also consider comfort when choosing the kind of lingerie to buy.

Around the Ntinda area, the S&S Shop located on Capital Shoppers City Mall specializes in ordinary lingerie and nighties from the USA and UK as well as ‘body magic re-shapers’ for women which give a slimmer appearance as well as and re-shaper vests for men.  Their prices range from 100,000 UGX to 150,000 UGX.  Jenniner Kemigisha, the proprietor of S&S  explains that ladies should buy high quality products which last longer so provide more value in the long run rather than cheap products which are uncomfortable and wear out quickly. S&S can be reached by email at: jenniner03@gmail.com

Woolworths is another great place where to shop for a wide variety of lingerie. Located in the Garden City Mall with branches at Metroplex Nalya and Tirupati Mall (in Kabalagala). Lingerie there ranges from 20,000 UGX to 300,000 UGX. They can be reached by phone on +256 (0) 414 240 102/ +256 (0) 792 764 119 or visit their website www.woolworths.co.za.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for – either for yourself or that special someone? There are smaller shops dotted around in Pioneer Mall on Kampala Road, in Ugandan House, King Fahd Plaza, and Kamu Kamu Plaza to mention but a few. There’s also quite a few second-hand lingerie shops popping up in outdoor markets around the city.

So, if you’re looking for lingerie you can certainly find it no matter the neighborhood you’re in an if you think of lingerie as expensive and hard to find, think again!

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