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How to Hire a Car in Uganda

Uganda Car Hire Tips

Hiring a car in Uganda comes with its own challenges regardless of whether you are a first timer or repeat traveler on Uganda safari. The process in most cases is tedious making others get discouraged on the way. Getting to your destination has become easier than before while in a rental car in Uganda. In this article, we take you through 3 ways that can help you hire a car in Uganda;

  • Contact a car hire company/agency directly
  • Walk in
  • Emailing
  • Social media

Contact your preferred car hire company/agency

One of the ways you can hire a car in Uganda is by getting in touch with a preferred car rental service provider directly. You can make a call using the contacts provided on our car rental website or click the Contact Us button and our team will definitely respond back to you.

Email us

Emailing is another easiest way that holidaymakers can book our car hire services. But before sending us an email, first, make sure that you have filled the contact form and once you have sent, expect a quick reply. This is a preferred mode for foreign travelers who are still back in their home countries. You can have your rental car booked with us through email and have it ready for your road trip.

Social media

We are also very active on social media and holidaymakers on Uganda safari can easily reach us on different social media platforms. We are active on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others.

Walk in

Booking your dream rental car in Uganda can also be done by you walking into our offices. This is a perfect option for holidaymakers who are within Kampala and they are nearby our offices. The advantage with walk-in criterion is that you have a chance to even inspect or cross-check the state of rental car you want.

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