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How to Avoid Accidents & Damages of Rental Cars on a Uganda Self Drive Tour


Rental cars are prone to accidents since most of the drivers are foreign to Uganda as they do not know the nature of roads and driving in Uganda. So sometimes they get into situations where accidents and damages are bound to happen to them.

Although accidents and damages of vehicles are sometimes unavoidable, there are certain ways one can limit them from happening. Here are ways/tips of how to avoid accidents and damages of rental cars on a self drive tour in Uganda:

Avoid over speeding of the rental car. The speed limit in Uganda is 80km/hr on highways and 50km/hr in areas with settlements. Always follow the road signs with speed limits. Over speeding is one of the major causes of accidents in the world. Due to over speeding the car becomes uncontrollable and incase of any interruption one can over run something like another car or a person by the road side.

Do not drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol lead to brain impairment and thus losing judgment over some things. There are very many challenges one face while driving i.e. other vehicles, people and animals crossing and also sharp corner to beat so one needs the brain to be at maximum operation.

Always focus on driving. Do not do anything that can disrupt while driving for example using any gadget like a phone or computer and also grooming that is sometimes done by a lover’s couple. Those make one lose focus on driving in the end leading to knocking other road users like a car or person.

Avoid driving for long hours. Driving for a long time accumulates fatigue which can lead to losing the focus and at times sleeping off while on the wheels and in returns lead to running over another car. It is best for one to drive for short hours and also have enough rest before driving a car.

Avoid overtaking in corners. Corners are the black spots of roads as most accidents happen around them. This is because sometimes a driver does not see what is in front of him/her so it is best for one to slow the speed when he/she reaches the corner and also not to over take any car in the corners.

Avoid driving at night. It is very dangerous for a visitor to drive at night on the roads of Uganda since he/she is not sp familiar with them and also does not know the nature of other drivers in Uganda. There are very many challenges a foreign driver can face while driving in Uganda i.e. the endless potholes in the roads, nuisance drivers on the roads and animals and people crossing the roads at night.

Before setting off for a self drive tour in Uganda, check the car properly both the physical and mechanical conditions of the rental car. For instance check whether all the fluids that is to say oil hydraulics, water and fuel are their best levels and also check if the brakes, the transmission box and lights are all working well. When the car is not in good shape, it can easily breakdown while driving and hence running into other cars or people.

Therefore the above ways or tips can help a traveler limit damaging and causing accidents on his/her self drive tour in Uganda.

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