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Would you like to explore Kampala in depth? Here are some good reads for visitors looking for detailed information and history of Kampala.

David Kibirige: The Hills of Kampala and their History

Edition: 1st (2006)

Publisher: Tour guide publishers, P.O. Box 448 Kampala, Uganda

ISBN 10: 9970637029

ISBN 13: 9789970637002

This gives highlight about Kampala as it is famous to be straddling within the 7 main hills. However this beautiful city has expanded and covers many other hills, this book highlights the names and their meanings.

Thierry Joffrey and Sebastian Moriset: Kasubi Tombs

This is good for those who love cultural safaris. Kasubi tombs are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uganda and this book allows you to read details about the Kasubi tomb site.

Publisher: CRATerre-ENSAG

Edition: 1st (2006)

ISBN: 2906901423

Kampala A to Z: A complete guide

Publisher: Tour guide publication, P.O. Box 488 Kampala, Uganda

Edition: 4th (1963), re-print 2006

ISBN 10:9970637010

ISBN 13:9789970637010

For those visitors who may wish to know more about Kampala in depth, this is the best book for you. It covers the map of the areas which takes you through Kampala on 3 varied scales, hotels, attractions, churches, embassies, post offices, theaters and many more. Other safari books and travel guidebooks include the Eye Magazine-the Insider guide to Uganda, Uganda districts information handbook, Uganda at glace, Spectrum guide to Uganda and many more.

In conclusion, there are very many safari and travel guidebooks for first time and repeat visitors on safari to Uganda. There is a lot more to be explored on safari in Uganda right from wildlife, landscape to culture. With above listed books, we believe that you will be get enough guidance as you plan your safari tour to Uganda