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Gorillas & Chimpanzee Safaris in Uganda


Tracking chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park or Kyambura Gorge and probably being with gorillas is a greatest inspirational moment of most safaris in Uganda. It’s a perfect choice for any trip to Uganda any time of the year. Do you love primates and you want to visit Africa for an amazing primate viewing safari? Uganda has it all and at worth rates no matter how long your trip will be. Gorillas and chimpanzee safaris are the most popular safaris done by most visitors to the country and its said that a trip to Uganda without seeing gorillas is incomplete.

Suggested Trips for Gorillas & Chimpanzee tracking

Although there are many safaris that involve seeing gorillas and chimpanzee, the 5 days gorillas and chimpanzee safari Kibale Bwindi will be best for someone looking at superb primate viewing experience. But those interested in gorillas, chimpanzees and wildlife, a 5 day trip to Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi will be perfectly amazing or a 7 days trip to Kibale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi National Park. Get an amazing holiday and time in Uganda during your Africa safari tour and track gorillas and chimpanzees the most unique primate species that live in well conserved jungle forests. Is sustainable tourism and conservation your thing, join the society of primate conservationist by exploring the amazing forests in Uganda? .Every gorilla permit, chimpanzee permit that you buy contributes 80% to gorilla conservation and community development.

Best Travel time

Tracking gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda depends on the travelers convenience and availability of permits. Each primate adventure requires a tracking permit that needs to be booked in advance quite early before the trekking date or the trip dates in general. All gorillas and chimpanzee safaris in Uganda are confirmed after reserving the permits the main  core of the trek. It’s very convenient and safe to reserve both permits gorillas and chimpanzee with your trip planning agent as they are good on advising on availability and other trip options available. Only eight people are allowed to track a particular habituated gorilla family per day same applies to chimpanzees. All activities start with morning briefing with a difference in the trekking time durations.

Above all chimpanzee and gorilla safaris are combined with other tour adventures making your Uganda safari exceptional depending on where and what you want to see and experience. The Africa Pearl has it all form wildlife, birds, culture, landscape, lakes, rivers etc.There is nothing great and comfortable like heading out in a private safari vehicle  and get joined by other tourists in different tourist activities. You treated as a royalty though sometimes our   travel budgets limits. However, there are also group tours to different Uganda national parks to see gorillas and chimpanzees but if  the worst comes to the worst and no one is willing to joing you on the trip.Joing two different trips, one for only gorillas and the other to a wildlife park with at least exceptional chimpanzee viewing experience.

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