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Flights to Kampala land at the Entebbe International Airport that is located just 45 minutes drive from the city. There are cheap Flights available for those who want to travel to Kampala.

Are you planning to travel to Kampala? If you are so then you just hurry up for a superb and an amusing trip to Kampala with one of the following airlines flying to Uganda.

  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Rwanda Air
  • Emirates Airline
  • Kenya Airways

How to find cheap flights to Uganda

Know airlines that fly from to Uganda from where you are based

More than 10 airlines fly to Entebbe international airport Uganda from Europe and Middle East. They include KLM Royal Dutch from Amsterdam Netherlands to Kigali Rwanda and to Entebbe. others such as Ethiopian airlines, Kenya airways, emirates, Turkish airlines and Qatar airways conducts flights from major European cities to Uganda. Most of these flights have one or two stopovers before reaching at Entebbe. There are some expensive stopovers and a price of stopping there sometimes is added to the ticket. So you should try to an alternative route to keep your flight fares cheap.  Also, you need to compare the price of each airline depending on where you are coming from, and then book in advance. It’s difficult to compare flight fares right here because prices change with events, peak holiday season.

Fly with African national airlines

African national airlines tend to offer affordable flights than the bigger American and European. For example, Kenya airways have been granted rights to start operating October 2018 direct flights from Africa to john Kennedy international airport USA. Other African national airlines such as Ethiopia airlines, Rwanda Air, fly from major European cities like London, Brussels and to eastern Africa. Furthermore, some of these African national airlines are part of the star alliance which offers discounts for travelers who book round trip ticket to africa from their member airline.

Low cost airlines

Low cost African airlines operate flights between major cities in all corners of the African continent. And their flight fares are low just as the name sounds compared to other airlines. This can carter for the travelers already in Africa wanting to make a trip to Uganda. For instance fast jet Tanzanian airways, can fly from to South Africa Johannesburg, and can fly to Zimbabwe, Entebbe, Kenya and Tanzania.

The best Time to Fly

The tourist season in Uganda happens from December to February and June to September. As you can see this season coincides with the Christmas season in which airlines hike their prices. When you plan to fly to Uganda at this time of the year you expect the price to be relatively high. So you should book 3 months before the season if you are to land on cheap fares.

Be flexible with the dates you wish to Fly

Flexibility is a key to getting the cheap flight to Uganda. There are always many options when you wait to get to search the flight fares at different times of the year. Perhaps that could change your travel plan but good enough to save. In addition to that, you may also decide to fly to Kigali Rwanda and then use a vehicle to crossover to south western Uganda if you were doing gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi. You will get to see a lot of beautiful scenery while you reduce the cost that it could take to stop in Kigali and then continue to Entebbe.

Compare flights through different websites that compare websites

There are several flight compare websites which you should first cross check and analyze the one that offer cheap prices. Some of the flight comparison websites include kayak.com, skyscanner with deals to Entebbe Uganda.

Book in advance with a Travel Agent

To get a good price for flight deals are usually booked 3 week to 4 months in advance of the travelling dates, whether you need to buy your tickets directly or through a travel agent.