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Public Transport

Boda Boda

For short distances and in rush hours bodabodas are the most convenient means as they are not affected by traffic jam and they are faster around the city. However they are relatively more expensive than taxis and the buses. For any short distance, one is charged Shs1000 the fares increase with increasing distance. (Note: one needs to bargain the price off when dealing with bodabodas because the riders in most cases state a price higher than exact price so bargaining is welcome).

Taxis (Matatu)

The best way to get around Kampala and the neighboring towns is by using minibus-type taxis called “taxi”. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method of transportation in urban areas, but try not to get ripped off by the conductors as they sometimes try to overcharge tourists.

Taxis (Matutus) are very common in the city and are the most commonly used means. The charges vary depending on one’s destination, the time of the day, and the general fuel prices. They carry up to 14 passengers and they are convenient as they drop you off on the way to town unlike the trains and they also many so one can’t wait for more than 3 minutes before a taxi heading to his destination shows up. For details on the taxi transport in Kampala follow this link

They usually take 14 passengers plus a conductor, though in smaller country towns overcrowding still occurs.

Minibus taxis are relatively cheap, frequent in Kampala, and may make lots of stops along the way.

They run along fixed routes, picking up and dropping off people anywhere along the route. If you want to get on, stand at the side of the road and wave your arm. To get off, say “stage” and the driver will pull over and let you off at the next boda boda waiting area.

Special Hire Taxis

There Private taxis which you can hire for yourself only, are called special hire taxis, and are available in most every decent sized town. Fares are negotiable over long distances as there are no meters.

Special hire taxis are also available in the city and are convenient for long distances however they are the most expensive of all but affordable at the same time. They also charge according to distance the minimum price being Shs10,000. You also need to bargain in this case since the drivers also tend to raise the charges and worse for the foreigners (Whites). So one needs to be keen enough to avoid being cheated. You can also extend a tip to the drivers is they have done a great job since the cars do not actually belong to them. For more information follow the link

Bicycles are not commonly used as they are affected by many factors like weather, steep relief in addition to being the slowest means. However, they are cheap compared to all the other means. They are common along the Northern by-pass and Kalerwe though a few can also be seen in town.

Car Rental
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