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Get Your Luwombo at St. Anthony’s

St. Anthony Restaurant

Finding a good luwombo restaurant in Kampala can be surprisingly difficult. However, if numbers are anything to go by, then St. Anthony’s is the place to find and enjoy the Ugandan specialty. Judging from the massof corporate folks and expats that flock the Nakasero restaurant at lunch time, there seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to local food served here.

For newbies to Ugandan food, luwombo is a dish that originated in the Buganda Kingdom and is prepared by using tender banana leaves that have been smoked over a fire giving off that smoky aroma to the sauce inside. (If you want to know how to prepare it at home try this recipe: (https://www.inkampala.com/make-the-perfect-luwombo/)

Located at Plot 22, Lumumba Avenue near the French embassy and in between Piato Restaurant and Twed Plaza, St. Anthony specializes in Luwombo. There aren’t that many restaurants that have been in existence since 1971 and are still in operation but in this case, St. Anthony’s has certainly stood the test of time.

This is reflected in the 1960’s style building that houses the restaurant. The restaurant has enough room to accommodate a sitting of around 200 people both inside and  outside with shade which has been turned into a dining area.

The luwombo served ranges widely from chicken, beef, ground nuts (g.nuts) and goat’s meat to mixed options such as g.nuts and smoked beef or g.nuts and smoked fish. The options are virtually endless. The luwombo is served with the usual local side dishes such as matooke, rice, pilau with goat, meat. Sweet potatoes, cassava, yams, pumpkins, chapatti, ‘kalo’, posho and a wide range of assorted vegetables. Seasonal fresh fruit slices are available for dessert.

If you are craving a light meal then single meat luwombo such as chicken or goat is recommended, but if you trust your appetite and eating skills then Ms. Kyomuhendo Ritah a waitress at St. Anthony’s suggests mixed sauce ‘luwombos’ like roasted beef with g.nuts or smoked fish in g.nut.

The restaurant is spacious, serves generous portions of food and is fairly priced; the ambience is pleasant with a homey feel to it, and the service is relatively good. Though they have limited parking space on the inside, there is always ample parking on the roadside and security ready to attend to cars.

The restaurant doesn’t have a food menu because their food prices are being evaluated at the moment but all types of luwombo (variety) cost 17,000 UGX. Stews are priced at 10,000 UGX. Drinks range from sodas which cost 1,500 UGX, mineral water is 1,200 UGX or a large glass of passion fruit juice at 6,000 UGX.

St. Anthony’s is open every day of the week Monday – Saturday from 11 AM – 8 PM and Sundays from 11 AM – 6 PM.  For bookings, St. Anthony’s can be reached on +256 772 619 076.

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