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Nyama Choma: Best Places Where to Eat Meat in Kampala

Where Uganda has taken roasted and fried pork to an art form neighboring Kenya has their own: Nyama Choma, or roasted beef. In fact,...
Preparing a Rolex

Food: All About The Almighty Ugandan Rolex

When you mention the word ‘rolex’ anywhere in Uganda the last thing that will come to mind will be the Rolex watch. Rolex, in...

The Latest Fad: Best 5 Car Wash Bars in Kampala

Imagine having all of your weekend catered for in one place. There is no worry about someone driving away in your car, as it...

10 Best Places Where to Dine Out With Kids

Most families – whether big or small – would like to go out as a family but are restricted by having entertainment for their...
The Lawns Kololo

The Lawns: Try Wild Game & Exotic Meats in Kampala

Are you tired of the same old steaks, ribs and chops? Ever thought about wildebeest, or crocodile as a main course? Well why not...

Yellow River Chinese Restaurant

If you judge a restaurant by how big the screen on which the football, or any popular sporting event, is showing then you are...

Top 6 Places to Drink Coffee in Kampala

Besides being a top tourist destination within the African Continent, Uganda is known for its delicious coffee with sweet aroma. High quality Coffee that...

Where To Eat Food In fort Portal

Fort Portal Town is found in Western Uganda and the main town of Kabarole District. It is approximately 320 Km from Kampala City and...
Coffee Making

Coffee Culture Growing Daily

Coffee. It’s a major industry in Uganda and yet a ‘coffee culture’ is just beginning to take root in Kampala. Historically, coffee was viewed...

Pardis’ Restaurant: For Fine Middle Eastern Cuisine

If you’re expecting to enter the new Pardis Restaurant in Kololo and find a place reminiscent of its sister eatery in the Garden City...
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