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St. Anthony Restaurant

Get Your Luwombo at St. Anthony’s

Finding a good luwombo restaurant in Kampala can be surprisingly difficult. However, if numbers are anything to go by, then St. Anthony’s is the...
Uganda Fish

Kampala’s Craze For Fish

Kasenyi landing site is probably Uganda’s biggest and busiest source of fish. Kampala’s fish mostly comes from here. It is busiest on Monday’s and...
Tamarai Restaurant

Tamarai Gets Thai Right

Very few food fans are as dedicated to the craft of their favorite cuisine as Thai devotees. From Seattle to Shanghai, trying out a...
Piato Restaurant Kampala

Endless Options At Piato

If there are two things which set Piato apart from other restaurants in Kampala it is these: they have a great website which few...
The Lawns Kololo

The Lawns: Try Wild Game & Exotic Meats in Kampala

Are you tired of the same old steaks, ribs and chops? Ever thought about wildebeest, or crocodile as a main course? Well why not...

Where To Eat Food In fort Portal

Fort Portal Town is found in Western Uganda and the main town of Kabarole District. It is approximately 320 Km from Kampala City and...
Pizza in Kampala

Top Places To Eat The Best Pizza In Kampala

Kampala the capital city of Uganda has endless choices for places to eat the best pizza. You can spend around 60 cents USD, all...

Nyama Choma: Best Places Where to Eat Meat in Kampala

Where Uganda has taken roasted and fried pork to an art form neighboring Kenya has their own: Nyama Choma, or roasted beef. In fact,...
Tulifanya Restaurant

Tulifanya Restaurant

Located in the grounds of the art gallery it is not immediately evident that Tulifanya serve food as well as art. The name means,...

Yujo Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

The owners of Yujo are young and enthusiastic about everything Japanese, a penchant reflected throughout the restaurant. Check the bottoms of the soy sauce...
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