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Fly Zone Disco: See and Be Seen


Located opposite Kajjansi stage, 50 metres off Entebbe road, about 20 minutes’ drive outside Kampala, in the heart of Kajjansi town is Fly Zone Discotheque. Surrounded by shops, small pubs and hole -in -the -wall pork joints; it is the last place you would expect to find a club of this magnitude. When visiting, expect to see the wealthy party crowd and guest DJ sets from the likes of DJ Ivan, DJ 618 and DJ Shan.

The venue is created to suit any outgoing party goer whether Ugandan or not. Fly Zone feels like your club next door due to its surroundings. It is set in a walled enclosure with one large room with a long bar down the side of the room. The décor is typical of this sort of club – sleek silver metal frames and sound proofed walls with carpeted floors matching the walls. There are also two large screens showing either football or Big Brother throughout the night. The club does not have a VIP area and so no one misses any of the action.

Outside there is an open well-stocked bar, a stage and a lounging area with comfortable sofas made out of crafted wood and cushions where customers can relax and catch the breeze if they need to get away from the crowd in the club.

The atmosphere is a mix of wealthy socialites, local celebrities and regular Kampalians, Fly Zone attracts an unashamedly glamorous crowd. It’s as busy outside as it is in, so arriving early is a given. Don’t expect people to sit around waiting for the night to get going – they hit the dance floor immediately.

The music on the other hand is what a club goer would expect with the popular local hits as well as rap, hip hop and RnB. With a cutting edge sound system and sizeable DJ booth Fly Zone attracts an array of well-known DJs including; Shiru and DJ 618 who have already graced the decks

On the menu, beers cost 3,500 UGX while soda is 1,500 UGX. Bottled water is 1,000 UGX. Shots range from 4,000 UGX to 6,000 UGX. Also on offer are snacks, chips with chicken or goat meat (8,000 UGX), chips & fish (10,000 UGX) the cheapest being chips & sausage (5,000 UGX)

The club is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 9pm till late. On Wednesday (Swagga night) entrance is free for ladies. Every last Saturday of the month it’s, “Red Carpet Night” where they host a couple of renowned local celebrities. Entrance fee on all nights is 5,000 UGX. Every Friday they have the, “Fully Reloaded Night” where they bring out local artists like Vampos, Gnl and Mun G to perform on the stage adjacent to the open bar outside the club.

Not a place for shy and retiring, Fly Zone Discotheque attracts a large crowd who are ready to party. If you have the patience to queue and don’t mind the vetting at the door, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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