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Who writes IN KAMPALA?
IN KAMPALA is written by a cadre of free-lance writers who love, live and work in Kampala as well as reporting on the rest Uganda. They provide fresh and current insiders looks through their writing and photographs.
Why are some of the prices in your articles listed in shillings (UGX) and some in dollars (USD)?
The Ugandan shilling is the official currency of the country and most everything can be paid in shillings. The exception to this is the tour/travel industry which caters to visitors to Uganda and thus quotes their prices in dollars. Bank ATMs conveniently found in almost all corners of the country provide easy access to shillings with almost any country’s bank Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. (Foreign Mastercards tend to only work at Stanbic Banks).
How bad IS the traffic?
It is commonly agreed that the one blemish on the “Pearl of Africa” is the traffic in Kampala. If at all possible avoid traveling by road between 7-10am and 4-7pm. This is indeed unfortunate advice if you have a job and it is even worse if that job is on the other side of town which is why people attempt to find houses and apartments closer, or, at least on the side of town where they work. The same holds true for those who need to access the airport regularly. A drive from the airport to town should be an hour. In bad traffic it can be 4-6 hours.
Are Kampala and Entebbe the same place?
No, but they aren’t far apart either. The international airport is located in Entebbe a sleepy town about one hour’s drive from downtown Kampala…depending on traffic.
Is Kampala safe?
Safe is a very subjective term. However, Kampala and, in fact most of Uganda has crime rates lower than Kenya, South Africa or even most large capital cities in Europe or the Americas. In July 2010, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for two bomb attacks in the city. Since then, police have initiated security measures including anti-terrorist measures for private businesses open to the public, a professional team for management of security at all major events (eg. Football matches, concerts, conferences, etc.) and increased security at borders and airports.
Is Kampala expensive?
Expensive is a very subjective term. Given that the estimated GDP per capita is $523 a year much of the population live below the poverty line on just over $1 a day. That said, those visiting Uganda will find it cheaper than many other East African countries and a variety of options in terms of restaurants, markets and accommodation can be found to suit most budgets.
Kampala is known as the city of seven hills. What are they?
The seven original hills are Kasubi, Mengo, Kibuli, Namirembe, Lubaga, Nsambya and Old Kampala. However, Kampala now encompasses over twenty hills like Tank Hill and Makindye.
Why is Uganda called the Pearl of Africa?
Winston Churchill originally coined the phrase as he was impressed by the country’s rolling hills, landscapes and beautiful greenery.