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Exploring the Religious Sites of Kampala

Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala

For faithbased travelers, Uganda also features as one of the best destinations for faith tourism. Within Kampala alone, there are many religious sites that are all worth visiting. In this article, we highlight the best religious touristic sites that are worthy visiting in Kampala. This list is growing and and we are still adding more sites onto the list!

Rubaga Cathedral

Rubaga Cathedral Kampala

The Rubaga cathedral is one of the most visited sites. Also known as St. Mary’s Cathedral, this is the seat of the catholic church in Uganda. It is located within one of the most stunning hills in Kampala, the Lubaga Hill. It is famous for its memorials of the first African catholic bishop who was martyred for introducing Catholicism to Uganda. This is also the headquarters of Catholic Church in Uganda and there is a rich history to go through if you take a guided tour around the cathedral! The building is also stunning since it was built in the gothic style!

The Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple

You can also pay a visit to the Baha’i temple which features as the only Baha’i temple for the whole continent of Africa. It comes in stunning domed cathedral on Kikaaya hill off the Gayaza road. It features beautiful green gardens where you can relax and meditate during your visit. There are also some birds that include brown parrot, palm nut vulture, pied crow, black and white casqued hornbill, hadada ibis, double toothed barbet, speckled mouse bird, laughing dove, blue spotted wood dove, ring necked dove, black kite, great blue Turaco, woodland kingfishers, stripped kingfisher, scarlet chested sunbird, fort tailed drongo, ruppels long tailed starling, red billed fire finch and many more.

The Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddaffi National Mosque

Gaddafi mosque is another area that you should consider visiting for the excellent views of Kampala as a whole. The mosque is spectacular on its own way and visitors can walk around while taking photos. It was established by the former Libya leader Colonel Gaddafi and it is the biggest in Kampala.

The Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

Don’t miss paying a visit to the Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugongo. This is a world class attraction and the most known religious site in Uganda. From here you can explore more about faith tourism in Uganda and the Uganda Martyrs who were murdered for denouncing the Kings powers at a time.

The shrine is situated about 15 kilometers east of city centre along Jinja road. It from this place that about 14 out of 22 Uganda martyrs sacrificed their lives to Christ on the orders of King Mwanga in 1886 when they refused denounce their Christianity. The site has become an incredible tourist attraction and thousands of pilgrims from different region gather here every year on 3rd June to pay pilgrimage in this area.

Would you like to tour these sites? There are many sightseeing tours in Uganda that are available.

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Guided Tour:
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