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Salsa: Taking Kampala By Storm

Forget what you have been told: Salsa dancing is the IN thing. This social dance originated in Latin America but has spread to all...

Top Reasons Why You Should Take a Holiday in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala

Tourists visit Uganda for various reasons since she offers a variety of facets that will be of interest for most types of travelers. However,...

Tamba: Blending African Styles

Mention the name “Tamba”, and people from the western part of Uganda will think of its literal translation of “healing”. However, this time around,...

Club Silk: Still The Place To Be

The Silk name does not need introduction for those conversant with Kampala’s night life. Silk Lounge is decidedly different from the other branches of...

Weekend Guide To Kampala

Whether you’re a tourist, volunteer, on a business trip, attending a conference, or playing tour guide to visiting friends and family, at some point...

Oliver Fun for The Family

Oliver! Fun for the Family With 2012 being the 200th anniversary of Charles Dicken’s birth there is no more fitting way to pay tribute to...

Margaret Stands Down

If The Iron Lady were simply a chronicle of the career of an influential world leader, then the resulting reaction from viewers—“boring”, “inspirational”, “infuriating”,...

Kabalagala Never Sleeps

Sometimes referred to as ‘Kabs’ in urban slang, Kabalagala has also been called, Uganda’s Las Vegas, or Sin City. From educational institutions, to supermarkets,...
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