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Endiro Cafe: The Corner on Kampala’s Coffee


Making ingenious use of a small space in Kisementi, Café Endiro has literally cornered the coffee market this side of town. Even if Endiro only served coffee, it would probably have one of the widest selections in town, but it has so much more to offer than just beverages.

Open until late seven days a week, Endiro boasts an impressive menu spanning all three of the day’s meals, plus snacks and treats in between. Not bad for a small corner of one of Kampala’s busiest squares. Every inch of the space available has been put to constructive use, but somehow you never feel as if you are sitting on top of other diners. All tables are also under cover to shelter customers from those relentless afternoon downpours.

Endiro’s breakfast offerings have already proved popular amongst families brunching on the weekends and city workers getting an accompaniment to their caffeine fix en route to the office. Served from 7am to 11am, there is something for every appetite. For the health-conscious diner, there is real oatmeal home made with fresh milk for 6,300 UGX, or fresh tropical fruit salad with yoghurt and honey at 14,900 UGX. For those less worried about what the weighing scales have to say, a ‘full on breakfast’ at 19,000 UGX has everything you could think of on a breakfast plate. A particular highlight is the Endiro-twist on everyone’s favourite rolex –with onions, tomatoes and avocado. For those still in Kisementi from a long night out, this is bound to cure any hangover. For later weekend risers, make sure to get there by 11 so as not to miss out on your early brunch.

All the usual suspects are there for a lighter lunch with a wide selection of wraps, salads and either toasted or cold sandwiches. The couscous salad with roasted vegetables (19,000 UGX) comes highly recommended, as does the basil pesto chicken sandwich. The sandwiches come with a choice of bread, including baguettes, and all are good quality and the fillings are generous. The salads too are made from fresh ingredients; not a limp lettuce leaf in sight! The menu daringly suggests that no one makes a better grilled cheese sandwich, and whilst In Kampala has yet to sample all of the contenders’ offerings, this ambitious statement may not be far off the mark.

For those who designate salad leaves as being strictly for goats, fear not! There are a number of ‘real meals’ on the menu in between the green things. The burgers are substantial, and the Endiro sesame (simsim) chicken wings (19,000 UGX) are dangerously moreish. Thoughtfully, there is also a kid’s section of the menu to cater to smaller diners. If there is any space left after all of that, the waffles with ice cream (9,000 UGX) are a decadent but delicious way to round off a meal.

If all you are after is a simple cup of coffee, look no further than Kampala’s trendiest corner. With 19 different types of tea and coffee alone, even before you think about the mouth-watering range of juices available, there is undeniably something for even the most discerning beverage seeker. However, with space understandably at a premium and the café getting more and more popular by the day, you might struggle to get a spot. There’s always takeaway….!

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