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Driving in Uganda – How Safe it Is?


A very big number of people have travelled through our company for over the past 6 years in service, many hire our cars on self-drive, however some require driver. For all these years we’ve never received any report about any type of malicious crime or any other similar unsafe situation.

Uganda is known as one of the safest countries not only in Africa but also in the world, and visitors can be driven or self-driven in each and every Conner of the country without any vicious crime or any other unsafe situation registered.

Traffic police is at least on each and every road connecting to Kampala, this is all to ensure safety on the road and also sign posts help in giving you a good direction on where to go. There is no doubt that with the usual safety measures taken, self-drive in Uganda is a safe way to travel. Even driving in Uganda’s national park is safe, no animal has ever recorded attacked any of our clients leading to any injury.

In Uganda you can hire a car with or without a drive, we have experience drivers who are knowledgeable about Uganda and they know most of Uganda’s attraction areas, they can drive you in executive way. At 4x4ugandacarhire.com we ensure the following to reduce the chances of problems on Uganda roads

  • We guarantee you a very well prepared and maintained vehicle suitable for your safari and hire our cars based on our client’s interest.
  • safe driving ; we always encourage our clients to keep below speed limit, safari cars like 4×4 camp vehicles are different to driving standards cars.
  • We leave our clients with our contacts in case of any problem in the field, in case anything happens to our clients like mechanical problems, we come immediately for our rescue. In case of a breakdown we have standby vehicles which we can exchange and then you continue with your safari. Our phones are 24 hours on in order to provide easy communication
  • we advise our clients to keep the rules and regulations governing national park, avoid walking around at night, ounce on a game drive in the park you must be careful don’t get out of the car until you are out of the park. Do not approach animals on foot and always follow the instructions
  • Take precautions in cities or where there are more people; you should be aware that in some areas there are crime elements. Generally keep to designated campsites.
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