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2017 Discounted November Gorilla Permits on Sale


This great news goes to all travelers, nature lovers, and locals who want to track mountain gorillas at a fare affordable price. The low season is soon again this November and Uganda gorilla permits cost only $450 for both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It’s not late to grab your discounted permit and experience the gorilla world on budget. Gorilla permits are sold at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offices in Kamwokya, Kampala but it’s very easy to book one with a tour agent. Get right answers about gorilla permit availability, alternative dates and when to start your Uganda gorilla trekking tour by talking to your choice local  trip planner on ground.

Gorilla Tracking Age Limit

Though gorilla tracking is open for every one with a right date gorilla permit but one should also be above 15 years of age to track mountain gorillas in Uganda. This doesn’t mean that family gorilla holidays are not permitted but if the little ones on the family trip are fifteen and above then it’s superb. It’s one of the park gorilla tracking rules and regulations that are respected by every park visitor. Other gorilla trekking rules to consider are good health free from cold, flu or any other contagious disease, wash hands clean before entering the forest, at least stand in a 7 meter distance when you with gorillas, speak in a low torn voice, do not eat in front of the gorillas, each eight group of trackers spends only 1hour with the gorillas, move in a group, listen to park rangers guiding you through the trek, don’t torch gorillas, and all trackers are advised to turn off the flash light of their camera during the one hour of photography and observation.

Gorilla Tracking Experience

Make sure you dress right just as recommended for gorilla tracking safaris in long sleeved, water proof walking shoes, cool jacket, carry drinking water, packed lunch and the water proof small bag to keep your important documents during the trek. Later join the other trackers at the park headquarters (only eight allowed to track a particular group of gorillas for conservation reasons)and keep in touch with the group all through in the forest as you search for the lovely primates. The gorilla search begins where the guides last saw the gorillas to where they could be at that particular time of the day. Trekking takes between 2-8 hours but the walk is rewarding. Once you meet gorillas maintain the 7 meter distance as you observe and admire the outstanding beauty of these giant forest creatures. Still during the encounter you should keep in touch with other trackers. There after return back to your lodge of residence with memories of the silverback, baby gorillas and other group members.

Gorilla Safari Accommodations

I believe many travelers across the world would visit Uganda to see gorillas that include budget and luxury travelers. However, here are some of the affordable best gorilla safari lodges to check out during your Uganda gorilla safari tour. When travelling on budget, opt to spend a night at Buhoma community rest camp, Ruhija gorilla friends resort, Broadbill campsite, Trekkers tervan, Nshongi gorilla camp, Rushaga gorilla resort, Nkuringo walking campsite, Lake Mutanda hotel and many more. Those on Luxury gorilla safaris, clouds mountain gorilla lodge, sanctuary gorilla forest camp, Mahogany springs lodge, Ruhija safari lodge, Gorilla safari lodge, chameleon hill lodge etc.

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