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Club Venom’s Micro-Brews Beer in Kampala

Club Venom Micro Brewery

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘venom’ as a poisonous fluid produced by animals and injected either by biting or stinging. Club Venom in Kampala wants you to ‘pick your poison’. Is it beer? The music? The crowd? Probably all of them.

Located right at the top of Tirupati Mall opposite Quality Hill along Gaba Road in Kabalagala, Venom brings something new and fresh not only to the Kabalagala partying scene but to the whole night club scene in Kampala.

As if being the only night club in Kampala that has a multi-colored illuminated dance floor is not enough, Venom crafts and brews its own beer at its micro-brewery. The micro-brewery is the first of its kind in the whole of Uganda is situated right next to the VIP lounge area separated by a glass panel with pipes running right from the micro-brewery into the taps in the club ensuring that the clients get fresh beers all night long.

“Brewing and crafting perfect beer is a science as much as it is an art,” explains Daniel Wambua, the master brewer at Club Venom’s micro-brewery. “The science being the mix and processing bit, and the art side of it is where the brew master has to select his ingredients proportionally to make sure they match the desired flavor that will be accomplished in the end. It is a life process where the brew master gets hops, water, malt, barley and yeast and combine them to make the perfect beer.”

Opened in October 2012, the concept behind having a club with its own micro-brewery was mainly to take advantage of the fact that Kampalansconsume a lot of beer. The consumption per capita is huge (6 litres per person per year!) and since craft beer is popular the world over they thought it was a good idea to start a micro-brewery in Uganda. However, the micro-brewery concentrates on the quality and variety of the beer rather mass scale production.

Venom brews lagers of all kinds such as ginger infused with lime, stout dark beers infused with chocolate, coffee and other flavors, wheat beers, like hefeweizen, which are fruity, premium pilsner and even American beers.

Beer is sold in mugs and pitchers. A mug (under 500 ml) costs 7,000 UGX and a pitcher (nearly 1.5 ml) costs 20,000 UGX and they are planning to introduce beer towers.

Venom beer is brewed on site with 100% malt which is barley from the farm and they claim not to add any sugars, glycerin, chemicals, and preservatives. Their beer has no expiry date since it is consumed within a relatively short period of time and never leaves the brewery ensuring freshness all the way.

They are planning on introducing and experimenting with new flavors of beers. For instance, ‘The Boby’s Lager’ has lots of hops and a higher alcoholic content and a richer taste. Then there are spiced beers, fruity beers, cherry beers, rice beers and experiments all across the dimensions of different spices and ingredients.

If you are looking for something new with good taste, then Venom in Kabalagala is the place to be.

Venom is open Monday to Saturday from 6 PM –till late with the exception of Sunday when it’s closed. Entrance into the ordinary section of the club is 20,000 UGX while entry to the VIP lounge area is 40,000 UGX. If you’re going just for a beer and not for the club go early enough 5-6pm and you might get to skip the entrance fee.

To keep up with new happenings and events at Club Venom, visit their website: www.venomkampala.com or like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/venomkampala?fref=ts.  For any reservations call: +256 (0) 759 011 232.

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