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Club Silk: Still The Place To Be


The Silk name does not need introduction for those conversant with Kampala’s night life. Silk Lounge is decidedly different from the other branches of the Silk franchise – Club Silk and Silk Royale. While the other two are set up for strictly dancing, with spacious dance floors and bar stools, the Lounge is different.

Silk Lounge was set up for the reveler who wants to have a good time without necessarily dancing and sweating. The Lounge is made up of Silk Ocean and Silk Oxygen with Oxygen being the non-smoking area. That, along with lounge chairs for relaxation mark it as a different nightclub.

Warm rugs decorate the walls and floor of The Lounge and huge flat screens give the place an other-worldly feel. The sound system is always being upgraded to keep with the latest standards.

Located on 1st Street in the Industrial Area, the venue is like a chameleon; by day it is quiet and looks like any other respectable business. However, once night falls, it turns into a hive with the street outside being taken over by young people. They usually have just come out to take a break, or to relax and buy something but they never seem to be in any hurry.

Clearly, the attraction for the young urban set has always been its relaxed door policy and new popular music played by celebrity DJs. The music is mostly popular urban. Local songs are mixed with East African but the American influence is still strong and played loud! Even with stern bouncers, one gets the feeling they are in safe hands and can come and go as long as they have a stamp on the wrist.

To get there from the centre, you can take a matatu in the direction of Jinja Road alighting at the New Vision stage (so-called because of its proximity to the newspaper’s premises). From there, it is a three minute walk to the club or you could just be led by the sound of modern urban music. A boda is also easy with most drivers knowing exactly where the club is and it not costing more than 2,000 UGX.

Hard and soft drinks are on offer with prices ranging from 3,000 UGX for soft drinks to 5,000 UGX for alcoholic ones. While there is no meal offered you can order canapé or snacks. You can take your pick from grilled chicken, stuffed sausages, chicken thigh, goat ribs or pepper steak.

The Lounge holds Old Skool nights every second Friday and this is a big draw. Music from the 1980s and 1990s will tug at your heart strings. Young professionals, who mainly patronize the club, are attracted by this night in particular.

Every first Friday of the month, Silk Lounge holds its Doctors and Nurses Night, also popular with patrons. Entry is free for those who turn up dressing the parts but if you dress differently entry is 25,000 UGX.

The club opens at 7pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It is one of the few Kampala clubs that do not stretch itself with a whole week’s programme. The entry price is 30,000 UGX and probably based on high demand.

Many of those who go to Silk are drawn to the more peaceful Lounge. The higher prices limits access and keep it from being overcrowded. Don’t worry though. It’s worth every shilling.

Silk Lounge can be found on the web at: www.clubsilk.co.ug and emailed at: silk@clubsilk.co.ug. Their phone numbers are: +256 (0) 415 0907 / 041 245362 or +256 (0) 77 472 340, 075 200 606.

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