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What to Check Before Hiring a Car

Car Hire in Uganda

No matter the multiple times you have hired a car or if you are a first time renter, hiring a car still comes with its different challenges which only observant people won’t incur a cost thereafter. Renting a car in Uganda seems easier to others but it takes a process and for keen travelers they can save a lot more on Uganda safaris. Check out some of the essential things and have a stress-free road trip in the pearl of Africa.

Look at the rental car

Hiring a car doesn’t necessarily mean paying for it and after, jump in to kick start your journey. There is a lot more to do and most importantly, spend a minute or 2 to walk around the rental car you plan to hit the road with. Take a look at the inside of the car, check if there are damages that may cost you on returning it. In case it is dark, make the best use of your phone torch. In case there some damages, make sure you communicate to the car rental agency to take note of it prior setting off for your journey and where possible take pictures to serve as evidence. Usually, the common damages that car renters normally pay less attention but later costs them include scratches, dents outside the car, cigarette burns on the car seats and many more.

The fuel used by the car

Not all cars use the same fuel and this shouldn’t be taken for granted because fueling a car with different fuel may cause issues on the engine that is why you have to be keen and know the type of fuel it takes. Make sure you open the cap to confirm if it is diesel or petrol other than guess work. To be very sure of the fuel type, ensure that you have asked the car rental agent prior hitting the road. While on the road, make sure you have your car fueled before heading to the national park because you won’t find a petrol station in such areas.

Sort your route

It is important to always know where you are heading than guess work. In case your rental car has Global Positioning System then it ensure you have set it to the language you understand prior starting your drive or make the best use of your smartphone to download maps in case you don’t a GPS.

Check the dashboard

Car hire fuel is usually offered on full to full basis denoting that you can begin your trip with a full tank and ensure that you return it when it is full tank. Spare a minute to check the tank to confirm if it is full or not. However, it is important to understand different company’s fuel policy for rental cars.

Take a moment

Once you have entered and everybody is on his or her seat belt, have some time to make some adjustment-make the mirrors right, move the seat, cross check on the indicators and others.

Check on the price

Different car hire agencies offer different prices for rental cars. It is always important to find out which one offers the best rates with the best offers like discounts and if it comes with other amenities.

Check if you have the right documents

Hiring a car in Uganda or any destination requires you to have valid documents. Make sure you are well-prepared and have all the required documents ready but ensure they are valid. You will need a valid passport, driver’s license plus any necessary identification document.

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