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Check Out The North Side Gyms


Check Out The North Side Gyms

It’s not an unfamiliar sight today to visit a friend’s home and find that they either own a couple of homemade dumbbells, a balance ball or pull up bars. While a home work out regime might help you get those perfect abs or well-toned body we all know that unless you are kickboxing champion Golola Moses who works out in his backyard with sacks of sand, stones, scrap metal and logs that a proper workout regime with an instructor brings you up to speed.  It’s time to check out and make an investment in your local gym.

C&C Health Club on Kira Road next to Kadic Hospital is one of those places. Their tag is relax, unwind and keep fit. Here you can do so on a wide range of weighing machines, tread mills, bikes, X-trainers and fitness area. Like most health clubs the gym and aerobics section is open from 6am to 10pm and charges are 10,000 UGX each day.

They also offer steam bath and sauna which cost 25,000 UGX and a massage costs 30,000 UGX. Facial treatments, body scrubs and body wax varies from 10,000 to 50,000 UGX

If you are around the Ntinda area, then KK Health Club is worth checking out. They offer cheap aerobics sessions for an affordable 5,000 UGX. They also offer steam bath and sauna services for 25,000 UGX.

In the centre of Kampala city is Fairway Hotel with a decent well equipped gym for those interested in working out or bulking. They charge 8,000 UGX per day with aerobics only costing 6,000 UGX.

BMK Health Club at Africana Hotel is another gym worth visiting. They have a techno gym, a fitness area, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi and offer so many other health facilities. They offer corporate and family memberships.

If you live around Natete, Mengo, Mutundwe areas then Ivy’s Health Club located in Wakaliga has a wide variety of equipment for working out like rowing machines, for steppers they have a cardio stage as well as a free weights section and aerobic area. Each session is 10,000 UGX with sauna and steam bath facilities for 30,000 UGX.

Around Makerere area then you should try the Club 5 Health Club which is next to Complex Hall inside Makerere University. The easiest way to get there is to pass through the main gate. Club 5 is fairly cheap at 5,000 UGX per session and fairly well stocked with gym equipment.

Power Flex Gym in Mengo is another gym worth mentioning. It might be small but has stood the test of time as it has been there for years. It’s a basic gym so don’t raise your expectations as their treadmills are manual. However a workout at Power Flex is just hard earned as their instructors and trainers point out.

Around the Kololo and Nakasero areas the Speke Apartments, located on Wampewo Avenue, have state of the art facilities with various gym equipment, a large swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna with each of those services costing you a stiff 10,000 UGX.

Going to the gym isn’t just about losing weight but also about being fit and healthy so invest in yourself and a local business today by finding a local gym.

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