Why You Should Go On A Self Drive Safari In Uganda


Uganda is one of the best African destinations for a self-drive safari. It is safe, easy to navigate through on its improved road network and with a wide variety of car rental companies that offer a huge array of vehicle options.

With the increasing cab and taxi culture, travelling through the pearl of Africa sometimes requires a traveler to adjust to self-drive rental cars, and he will never want to seat in any passenger seat anymore. There are many reasons why self-driving in Uganda is the only perfect way to have a memorable Uganda safari.

Privacy. Self-drives in Uganda furnish an opportunity to have a perfect weekend or evening get away to spend with family and friends. It saves travelers from the inconvenience of an unknown driver all over your family conversations which might even start irritating at times. And if you are travelling as a couple, it gives you all the chances to share the romance without interruptions from any third wheeler.

Flexibility. Self-driving leaves travelers in charge of their whole trip. One can easily change the predetermined destination, drive at his own pace without pressure from the driver guide. About accommodation, you still have an option of camping on the vehicle, it is not something worth to worry about on a self-drive safari. Self-drives in Uganda save travelers form the fixed travel itineraries by the guides.

Cost benefits. Truth is that a self-driven safari is somewhat cheaper than the chauffeur driven safari. It saves the tourist from the costs of the driver, one can easily drive around looking for cheaper accommodation options, or even sometimes camp on the vehicle which saves the accommodation money. With full flexibility, he can switch destinations if he finds them more expensive than he thought.

Independence. Doubtlessly, the physical independence that comes with solo travels is unequaled. It gives one all the freedom and liberty to experience a wide range of things without being compromised with someone else’s schedule. So one has all the flexibility to adjust according to his needs and expectations of the trip.

Unlimited travel. The fact that self-driving through Uganda gives the traveler all the flexibility and comfort of the trip, he can access almost all areas as well as some of the best campsites. If its game viewing, self-driving allows you to get closer to your dream wildlife, the whole feeling is unexplainable, but rather you just need to try this to know how sweet it feels.

Cover a wider area scope. Travelers on self-drive safaris have more chances of covering lots of attractions and drive to more places than the ones on a chauffeur driven safari. The tourist has his own timetable to travel at any time or stay at a destination for as long as he wants to explore the place to its fullest potential.

More adventure. Self-driving in the pearl of Africa is more adventurous, having to hit road you don’t know about, wandering in a foreign land and finally reaching your predetermined destination is all something else that all travelers should try. And Uganda with all its hidden beauties, just imagine driving to see the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park on your own? The experience is second to none.

Surely self-driving in Uganda is the most convenient way to explore Uganda, it is cheap, adventurous, flexible and gives all the privacy that one could ever need. Self-drive through Uganda now for thrilling experiences never thought of.


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